482 WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Handbook, Architecture and Integration Guide
3. Restart the Default Server application server from the WebSphere Application
Server Administrative Console.
Copy plugin-cfg.xml to remote Web server
The newly regenerated plugin-cfg.xml contains the remote Web server host
name and IP address.
1. Copy the /usr/WebSphere/AppServer/config/plugin-cfg.xml to the same
directory on the remote Web server.
2. Restart the remote Web server, and Default Server application server.
13.5.5 Verify the three-tier WebSphere Application Server
To verify the functionality of the three-tier WebSphere Application Server runtime,
do the following:
1. Start the Default Server application server in the WebSphere Application
Server Administrative Console.
2. After the Default Server has started, test the snoop servlet on both ports 80
and 443 from a Web browser client:
Both URLs should return information from the servlet.
The WebSphere Application Server three-tier runtime environment installation,
configuration, and verification are now complete.
13.6 WebSphere Commerce installation
This section describes the high-level steps needed to install and configure
WebSphere Commerce V5.4. For more detailed information, refer to the
Installation Guide, IBM WebSphere Commerce V5.4 Professional and Business
Edition for AIX
product guide.
The section includes the following topics:
Prerequisite check for WebSphere Commerce
Install WebSphere Commerce V5.4
Chapter 13. AIX three-tier runtime with DB2 and IBM HTTP Server 483
13.6.1 Prerequisite check for WebSphere Commerce
WebSphere Commerce requires the X11.adt.motif file set, which can be found on
AIX 5.1 installation CD 1. In our scenario, we installed this file set in 13.1.3,
Software prerequisites on page 456.
13.6.2 Install WebSphere Commerce V5.4
This section describes the high-level steps to install WebSphere Commerce
V5.4. WebSphere Commerce is installable via AIX smitty.
1. Mount the WebSphere Commerce V5.4 CD.
# mount -r -v cdrfs /dev/cd0 /mnt
2. Start the AIX smitty install for WebSphere Commerce as follows:
# cd /mnt/WebSphereCommerce
# smitty install_all
3. In the Input device/directory for software field, type: ./ and press Enter.
4. Press F4 in the SOFTWARE to install field, select the following options by
pressing the F7 key to select and then press Enter:
Commerce.Base Commerce Base Files Commerce license Commerce properties Commerce runtime Commerce samples Commerce schema Blaze Advisor Suite (optional) Commerce
docs, readme and help (optional)
5. We suggest that you toggle on (tab on or off) Detailed Output for the log and
press Enter to begin the installation.
6. When the installation is complete review the installation log.
Note: If the WebSphere Commerce docs are not needed on the AIX
system, we recommend that you do not install them. The installation takes
significantly longer to complete if all documentation languages are

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