Appendix F. Roles and skills 547
Database Administrator (DBA)
The database creation or migration activity role could also be performed by the
DBA.The DBA is responsible for the creation and/or migration of the WebSphere
Commerce instance database and ongoing database operations.
Product manager
The product manager traces customer purchases, suggests discounts, and
determines the best way to display, price, and sell products in the online store.
The product manager is also responsible for managing the load of the
WebSphere Commerce product catalog and Content Manager digital assets as
well as maintenance.
Java programmer
The WebSphere Commerce programmer is responsible for the Java
programming of the application assets of the site. The WebSphere Commerce
architect/technical lead can also participate in implementing the new or
transitioned site. The WebSphere Commerce programmer must have in-depth
knowledge of the WebSphere Commerce framework, programming, and store
models. In addition, they must have a strong background in J2EE programming
and development tooling. The focus of the Java programmer will be on
developing WebSphere Commerce commands (servlets) and EJBs.
Web developer
The Web developer will focus on the front-end assets, such as JavaServer
Pages (JSPs), HTML, and management of product images within the display
pages. The Web developer is also known as a Web designer.
There are many types of test, such as unit test, functional verification test (FVT),
system verification test (SVT), integration test, and customer acceptance test
(CAT). The test lead is responsible for developing and executing a test plan for
quality assurance. The members of the test team should be well versed in the
product architecture, features of the site, and operational usage to simulate the
transactions of a customer and a line-of-business user.

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