Chapter 5. Setting up secure communication 137
Enabling server tasks to use SSL
The tasks that we enable for SSL are HTTP, DIIOP, and LDAP tasks in Domino
servers. To enable the server tasks to use SSL, complete the following steps:
1. From the Domino administrator, click Configuration
Servers, and open
the Server document for the Domino server.
2. Click Ports
Internet Ports; depending on the server that you configure,
you can select the following tabs:
HTTP Web tab
3. Disable TCP/IP port status and enable SSL port status. This will enable the
following ports:
HTTP 443
DIIOP 63149
LDAP 636
4. Make sure to set Name & Password field to Yes.
5. Click Save and Close.
6. Restart the Domino server.
5.2.3 Enabling SSL on Lotus Team Workplace
To enable SSL on the Lotus Team Workplace server, you need to enable SSL on
the base Domino server. After enabling SSL on the Team Workplace server, the
links from My Places and from the Team Workplace portlet will continue to open
the places at non-SSL URLs. To correct this, you will need to perform the
following steps:
1. Update the place catalog on the Team Workplace server:
a. Use a Notes client, and open the placecatalog.nsf database from the
Team Workplace server by selecting File
Database Open.
b. Select the PlaceServers view and edit the Server document.
c. Change the PlaceServerAccessProtocol to HTTPS.
d. Change the PlaceServerAccessTCPPort to 443 (if that is the SSL port you
are using).
e. Save and close the document.
2. Correct Search all places within the My Team Workplaces portlet by editing
the qpconfig.xml file so that it will connect to the server over SSL:
a. Open the qpconifg.xml file in a text editor. In our example, we have this file
in the Domino data directory.

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