204 WebSphere Portal Express and Express Plus V5 for the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
WebSphere Portal - Express Plus for Multiplatforms V5.0.2 includes two Lotus products:
򐂰 IBM Lotus QuickPlace for iSeries 3.01 (QuickPlace)
򐂰 IBM Lotus Sametime 3.1 for iSeries (Sametime)
In addition to these products, WebSphere Portal includes several Lotus portlets and
Collaboration Center Version 5.0.
This chapter provides:
򐂰 Extensive discussion about the techniques and issues for integrating Lotus products with
WebSphere Portal - Express Plus for Multiplatforms V5.0.2
򐂰 A complete scenario for deploying Lotus Collaboration Components and creating a
WebSphere Portal instance that integrates Lotus products
Prior to performing the steps as explained in this chapter, you must install and configure IBM
Lotus QuickPlace 3.0.1 for iSeries and IBM Lotus Sametime 3.1 for iSeries. See Appendix A,
“Installing, configuring Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, Lotus Team
Workplace” on page 383, to help you with these tasks.
6.1 Integration scenarios
This section discusses issues that are related to using Lotus Domino and Lotus Collaborative
products within the WebSphere Portal environment. It discusses several scenarios that are
related to having the Lotus Collaborative products work cohesively within the WebSphere
Portal framework and the configuration of Domino Directory Assistance in this environment.
This section focuses on using the native facilities in WebSphere Portal and Domino to provide
a SSO experience.
6.1.1 Scenario overview
There are many options to establish SSO between WebSphere and Domino. This chapter
presents several scenarios that are representative of the variety of environments found at
customer sites. If you have an existing environment, read the section that most closely
matches your environment. If you are creating a new environment, read all of the sections and
select the scenario that delivers the functionality you want.
The scenarios fall into two categories:
򐂰 One Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory serving both WebSphere
Portal and Domino
This category represents the environments where a single LDAP directory is used for
WebSphere Portal and Domino servers.
It is possible to use a Domino as the LDAP server for an entire enterprise. The Domino
server provides support for LDAP, which can be used for authentication from WebSphere
Portal, Domino, Sametime, QuickPlace, and other applications.
IBM Lotus QuickPlace and Sametime name change: Since this redbook was written,
the names Sametime and QuickPlace have changed. The new names are
Lotus Instant
Messaging and Web Conferencing
(Sametime) and Lotus Team Workplace (QuickPlace),
as noted previously in this redbook. Considering the nature of this chapter, we maintain the
original names to reflect what is in WebSphere Portal - Express Plus for Multiplatforms

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