440 WebSphere Portal Express and Express Plus V5 for the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
8. In the left navigation pane, under LDAP Directory, select Group Contents.
9. In the Group Contents panel (Figure A-67), change how Sametime determines the
members of a group in your organization. Because we use the groupOfUniqueNames
object class for groups, we change this parameter to
uniqueMember. Click Update.
Figure A-67 Configure Sametime LDAP settings - Group contents panel
10.Close the browser and restart the Sametime server, which is PORTALST1 in our example.
You have now configured the Sametime server PORTALST1 to use OS/400 LDAP.
Installing Lotus QuickPlace 3.01 for iSeries
Setting up Lotus QuickPlace to work with WebSphere Portal offers portal users the ability to
use instances of the QuickPlace portlet. This section provides the general steps to install and
set up QuickPlace.
Installing the QuickPlace 3.01 software
Follow the steps in this section if you are installing QuickPlace on your iSeries server for the
first time. For specific instructions on installing and configuring QuickPlace 3.01 for iSeries,
see the document
Installing and Managing QuickPlace 3.01 for iSeries (QP301IST.pdf) which
is available on your product CD. To install the QuickPlace software, follow these steps:
Note: To add Sametime users, we recommend that you use the LDAP client software,
which you can download from the following page:

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