Appendix A. Installing, configuring Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, Lotus Team Workplace 441
1. Review the Readme.htm file that is included with the QuickPlace product for any
information that is not available at the time this document was published. Any additional
updates are posted as they become available on the QuickPlace for iSeries Web site at:
2. Sign on to your iSeries server with a user profile that has the appropriate OS/400
authorities. Normally we use the QSECOFR profile which has the proper authority. If you
use another profile, it must have the special authorities *ALLOBJ, *IOSYSCFG, *JOBCTL,
and *SECADM. Otherwise, the installation will fail.
3. Place the system in a restricted state. Do not attempt to install or upgrade the software
while users are accessing the system.
4. Install or upgrade to Domino 5.0.12 if a previous version is currently installed. For more
information, see Installing and Managing Domino for AS/400 on the Web at:
5. Install the Domino 5.0.12 update that is included on your QuickPlace 3.0.1 media. For
detailed instructions, see the QuickPlace Readme.htm file.
6. End any existing Domino servers on your iSeries server. After ending the servers, be sure
that any active Domino subsystems are also ended.
7. Insert the QuickPlace for iSeries CD-ROM in your iSeries CD-ROM drive.
8. On any OS/400 command line, type the
LODRUN command and press F4.
9. On the LODRUN display, in the Device field, type
*opt and press Enter.
10.In the Directory field, type
'/os400' and press Enter.
11.When the QuickPlace option screen appears, type
1 next to the QuickPlace product option
and press Enter to begin the installation. The system loads the QuickPlace for iSeries
programs to the appropriate OS/400 libraries and /QIBM directories.
12.If you prefer to use a non-English version of QuickPlace, install the QuickPlace Language
Pack at this time. You can install the Language Pack either from CD-ROM or by
downloading it from the Web. Language Pack installation instructions are included with the
Language Pack in the Read1st.txt file.
13.When the installation is complete, you can configure QuickPlace to run on a Domino
server by using entering OS/400 commands.
Configuring Lotus QuickPlace 3.01
Your QuickPlace server must be configured to use one or more TCP/IP addresses so that it
does not attempt to share TCP/IP ports with any other HTTP servers on your system. This
section explains how to verify your TCP/IP configuration, make changes if necessary to
resolve conflicts between servers, and gather the TCP/IP information that you need to
configure your QuickPlace server.
We use the data in Table A-2.
Note: If the Domino server ID files are password protected, you will be prompted to
enter the password. After the password has been entered, press Enter to continue with
the installation of QuickPlace. If your server ID file has multiple passwords, the
passwords must be entered one at a time.

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