442 WebSphere Portal Express and Express Plus V5 for the IBM Eserver iSeries Server
Table A-2 Sample system TCP/IP information
To prepare your TCP/IP environment for QuickPlace, refer to “Preparing the TCP/IP
environment” on page 386.
Registering the new additional server in an existing Domino domain
Follow the procedure in “Registering the new additional server in an existing Domino domain”
on page 406 to register a new Domino server for QuickPlace. The only differences in our
example are that the Domino server name is PORTALQP1 and the Domino server title is
Storing the newly created server ID file on the iSeries
If you do not attach the ID to the Server document in the Domino Directory, you have the
advantage that no password needs to be specified when configuring the additional server.
This does not mean that the ID has to be created without a password. The ID file can still
have a password. The minimum password length should be set to zero because you may
want to remove it later. The disadvantage is that you must copy the ID file from your
workstation disk to the Domino data directory within the iSeries IFS before you configure the
1. Before you can copy the new server ID file (portalqp.id in our example), decide in which
IFS directory you want to store the new ID file. You can use either the existing directory on
your administrator server (PORTALDOM1 in our example) or create a new directory by
entering the following OS/400 command line and pressing Enter:
If you did not map a network drive, use binary FTP to copy the ID file (in our example
portalqp.id) back to the IFS.
2. Use the Change Owner (CHGOWN) command to change the ownership of an IFS object.
On any OS/400 command line, using the correct path name to your server.id file, type the
following command and press Enter:
chgown '/LOTUS/DOMINO/PORTALQP1/portalqp.id' qnotes
3. If you do not change ownership of the ID file and attempt to start the server, you see the
Server exiting: The ID file is write protected” on the Domino console,
which then ends.
Continue with the next task, which is to configure the additional server on your iSeries.
When you run the New Domino Server wizard (or the CFGDOMSVR command) and the
data directory already exists, the contents are not deleted.
Server name Domain name IP-address Subnet mask
Important: Make sure that you use a different IP address for your QuickPlace server.
Note: Do not use iSeries Navigator because you can end up with an IFS directory with
the wrong CCSID.

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