Chapter 7. Portal security 289
After clicking on the ‘Log in’ icon on the navigation bar, the login page shown in
Figure 7-4 is used to enter user login information and login to the Portal server.
Figure 7-4 WebSphere Portal Server user login panel
Once the user is logged in to the Portal, they also have the authority to edit their
own user profile.
7.4.2 Portal administrator defined registration
The portal administrator can register portal users using the system
administration portlets. Also see 4.1, “Administrative privileges” on page 122,
Figure 4-2 on page 124 and Figure 4-3 on page 125. After logging in as a user
290 WebSphere Portal on z/OS
with administrative privileges, for example user wpsadmin, the Portal
Administration place as shown in Figure 7-5 can be selected.
Figure 7-5 Portal administration Portlet Panel
From the Portal Administration place, Click on the Users and Groups tab to go
the page seen in Figure 7-6 on page 291 to register users.
Chapter 7. Portal security 291
Figure 7-6 Portal administration ‘User and Groups’ for user registration
By clicking on Create new user you will be prompted with the self-registration
screen as shown in Figure 7-3 on page 288, where the administrator can create
new user information.
292 WebSphere Portal on z/OS
Figure 7-7 Add user and Provide User Information

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