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5.2.5 DB2 consideration
DB2 Version 7 is configured in datasharing mode. On WPS3, the DB2 subsystem
is started with the subsystem name SG91, and on WPS4, it is started with the
subsystem name SG92. The database group name is DSN9 and the DB2
Location Name is WPSDSN9. For details on enabling datasharing mode, see
DB2 Data Sharing: Planning and Administration, SC26-9935.
5.2.6 Shared HFS
The installation directory of WebSphere Portal (WPS_PATH) is made accessible by
using the same directory name (/usr/lpp/PortalServer) on all systems in the
You can see the shared HFS setup in Figure 5-2.
Figure 5-2 Overview of the shared HFS of WebSphere Portal
Note: The sysplex configuration of WebSphere Portal requires a shared HFS
(/PortalServer) mounted in read/write mode and enabled by PARMLIB
Sysplex Root /
local $SYSNAME/local
WPS3/local/PortalServer /Portalserver
WPS4/local/PortalServer /Portalserver

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