32 WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms 3.1
Figure 1-21 WSAA Help page (Part 1 of 1)
The left-hand side of the Help page contains several expandable topics; for instance:
򐂰 Getting started
򐂰 A quick overview of how to use WSAA
򐂰 A description of how to collect inventory for MVS and distributed assets
There is even a detailed description of the database tables and their columns.
If you did not find the information you need about WSAA by reading this book — we probably
did not do our job — we suggest that you spend some time to review the online help.
1.4 Summary
That concludes our introduction to the WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer. This should give
you a good sense of what WSAA is and how you might want to use the product at your site.
Tip: The more adventurous among you may want to use this list of tables (which are
merely provided for reference and do not constitute a programming interface) to create
your own DB2 SQL queries to obtain information from the database that is not available on
any of the Web pages.
Chapter 1. Overview of WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms 3.1 33
As a WSAA system or product administrator, you now have a better understanding of the
information that your site’s application development managers and programmers can obtain
by querying the database.
As an application development project manager or group leader, we hope we got your thought
processes whirling as you dream of ways in which you can more quickly scope out your
projects and view your application’s interdependencies.
As an application programmer, you can probably see how using WSAA can let you access
detailed information faster and easier than by reading through saved compiler listings or by
scanning production source code libraries.
34 WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer for Multiplatforms 3.1

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