208 WebSphere V5 for Linux on zSeries - Connectivity Handbook
9.1 IMS connectors overview
Figure 9-1gives an overview of backend IMS Connect and how it works with
frontend IMS Connector for Java.
Figure 9-1 IMS Connection from Linux for zSeries to z/OS
9.1.1 IMS Connect
IMS Connect is a TCP/IP server that runs on OS/390 and enables TCP/IP clients
to exchange messages with IMS Open Transaction Manager Access (OTMA).
As shown in Figure 9-1, this server provides communication links between
TCP/IP clients (such as our IMS Trader application using the IMS resource
adapter running in WebSphere Application Server for Linux for zSeries) and IMS
9.1.2 IMS Connector for Java
The IMS resource adapter is also called IMS Connector for Java.The IMS
resource adapter is used during development to create Enterprise Service Java
applications, as shown in Figure 9-2, and is used by those Java applications
during runtime to access IMS transactions running on host IMS systems, as
shown in Figure 9-1. WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration
Edition (WSAD.IE) is a service-based development environment, and the IMS
resource adapter is one of the service providers included in it. It is also provided
with IMS Connect. We used WSAD IE V5.1 to create our IMS Trader application
and will be deploying the ear file that WSAD.IE created to WebSphere
Application Server V5.0.1.
OS/390 or z/OS
User Exit
Linux for zSeries
IMS Connector
for Java V2.1.0.1
WAS V5.0.2

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