658 WebSphere Version 5 Application Development Handbook
򐂰 Select Install IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
򐂰 In the Welcome page, click Next to continue installation.
򐂰 In the License Agreement page, accept the agreement and click Next to
continue installation.
򐂰 In the Destination Folder page, browse to a folder of your choice and then
click Next. We used C:\WSAD51 as the installation folder.
򐂰 In the Custom Setup page, accept the defaults and click Next to continue
򐂰 In the next page, click Next to continue installation.
򐂰 After a rather long time period, the next page tells you about the success of
the installation. Click Finish.
򐂰 To open Application Developer, Start -> Programs -> IBM WebSphere Studio
-> Application Developer 5.1. We use C:\WSAD51sg246993 for the workspace
Specifying the Application Developer workspace
The first time Application Developer starts, a dialog appears and asks for the
Workspace location (Figure A-9).
Figure A-9 Application Developer first start dialog
򐂰 We use the workspace C:\WSAD51sg246993.
򐂰 Do not select Use this workspace as\ he default, otherwise you cannot easily
change the location when doing other work with Application Developer.
Important: Check if Fixpacks are available. In 10/03 an interim_fix001 was
available for Version 5.1, with fixes mostly in the area of Web services.
To check for updates, either search on http://www.ibm.com/support and
download the files as ZIP files, or use the online check from Application
Developer by selecting Help -> Software Updates -> New Updates (you must
be connected to the Internet).
Appendix A. Setting up the environment 659
Using multiple workspaces
If you are working on multiple projects it is recommended to create a separate
Application Developer workspace for each project. Project in this context is not
referring to a project in the Application Developer workspace, but to a
development project, which includes one or more projects in the Application
Developer workspace.
You can create the workspace either when starting Application Developer
(Figure A-9) or before. The workspace has to be an empty directory. Application
Developer will initialize the workspace if it does not contain the expected
Creating a shortcut
You can also pass the desired workspace as a startup parameter to Application
Developer. If you use this approach Application Developer does not prompt you
to select a workspace during startup. The directory you specify as your
workspace must exist in the file system. To start Application Developer with a
specified workspace, you use the -data startup parameter, for example:
<WSAD-HOME>\wsappdev.exe -data C:\WSAD51sg246993
The easiest way is to modify the Windows shortcut (or create a new shortcut):
򐂰 Select Start -> Programs -> IBM WebSphere Studio -> Application Developer
5.1(context) -> Properties. This opens the Application Developer shortcut
properties window (Figure A-10).
򐂰 In the Target field, after the program path, add the -data switch and the
workspace location:
<WSAD-HOME>\wsappdev.exe -data C:\WSAD51sg246993
򐂰 Click OK.
Tip: If you select Use this workspace as default and do not show this dialog
box again, the workspace location is frozen. You can force the prompt again by
passing the -setworkspace flag to wsappdev.exe.
Tip: If you work on multiple development projects, create a shortcut for each

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