Appendix B. Additional material 669
Importing the sample code into Application Developer Version 5.1
The workspace directory contains all the projects that can be imported into an
Application Developer workspace. Import the projects in the sequence listed in
Table B-1 on page 667.
Importing a sample project into Application Developer
To import a sample project ItsoAdXXX from the sample code into the Application
Developer workspace, execute these steps:
򐂰 Copy the desired project(s) from the sample code installation directory into
the Application Developer workspace directory:
From: c:\sg246993\sampcode\workspace Sample code
To: c:\WSAD51sg246993 Application Developer workspace
򐂰 In Application Developer, select File -> Import.
򐂰 In the Import wizard (Figure B-1), select Existing Project into Workspace and
click Next.
Figure B-1 Application Developer Import Wizard
򐂰 In the Import Project window (Figure B-2), click Browse to select the project
contents directory.
670 WebSphere Version 5 Application Development Handbook
Figure B-2 Import project
򐂰 In the Browse For Folder window (Figure B-3), browse to the location of the
desired project folder and click OK.
Figure B-3 Browse for folder
򐂰 Back in the import wizard, click Finish. The selected project is added into the
Appendix B. Additional material 671
Importing a single source file into Application Developer
To import a sample source code file, execute these steps:
򐂰 Select the target folder in the workspace and Import (context).
򐂰 In the Import wizard select File System and click Next.
򐂰 Click Browse and locate the folder that contains the desired file in the
\sampcode\workspace\ItsoAdXxxxx project directory (Figure B-4). Click OK.
Figure B-4 Import from directory window
򐂰 In the Import wizard, select the desired file(s) in the right pane. Do not select
the folder in the left pane (otherwise a subfolder is created in the workspace).
Verify the destination folder (Figure B-5).
򐂰 Click Finish.
Tip: After importing several projects that have dependencies on each other, it
may be necessary to rebuild all or selected project:
򐂰 Select a project and Project -> Rebuild Project (for one project)
򐂰 Select Project -> Rebuild All (for all projects)
Project folder
Source folder

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