“We basically ask a lot of questions of a lot of people who are a lot smarter than we are.”

Part Three: Chapter 18It's Time to Get Your Pitch On . . .

By Holly Branson

Many Sunday evenings, while sitting on my sofa watching budding business moguls pitch their idea or product to a room full of dragons (or a tank full of sharks in the United States), I'd thank my lucky stars that I wasn't one of them. If you've ever had to pitch to a room full of strangers, you know what I mean.

That first day of school, the first moments of a blind date, a dream job interview you've been praying for all pale to insignificance compared to the trepidation and anticipation of putting your dream in the hands of people who could make it a reality. It's the 10 minutes that could change your life forever—just as long as you don't mess it up!

Whether you are part of a business being pitched to—or an individual hoping to slay a few dragons—I hope that by sharing our learnings from Big Change and introducing you to an incredible young woman named Esther, you'll discover some tips to make your purpose proposal stand out from the crowd the next time you get your pitch on.

Finding Your Ideal Purpose Partner the Big Change Way

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Every year, at Big Change, we go on a search to find, fund, and partner with the best and brightest new ideas and projects capable of driving positive system change ...

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