Appendix 6. Roles and Responsibilities during a Well Test

  • Resource Company Name
  • Field Name
  • Well Name
  • Document Number
  • Revision Number
Table Review & Approval
Name Position Signature Date
Author Well Test Engineer    
Review Drilling Supervisor    
Approval Drilling Department Manager    
Table Distribution
Name Position Type Hard Copies Qty
Name 1 Drilling Department Manager Hard & Soft 1 copy
Name 2 Subsurface Manager Hard & Soft 1 copy
Name 3 Well Test Engineer Hard & Soft 1 copy
Name 4 Offshore Drilling Supervisor Soft  
Name 5 Well Test Contractor Focal Points Soft  
File Document Control Soft  

1.0. Purpose

Resource Company and Contractor personnel duties frequently change when an operation moves from Drilling or Completions to Well ...

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