Chapter 8. Event Storming

Event storming is a fun and easy-to-facilitate modeling workshop that brings together the core aspects of DDD that we spoke about in the preceding chapters.

The goals of the workshop are to provide a framework for exploring business domains, gather knowledge, and lay the foundations for a ubiquitous language.

Who Should Participate in Event Storming?

Ideally, a diverse group of people should participate in the workshop. Anyone related to the business domain in question can participate in event storming: that includes engineers, domain experts, product owners, testers, UI/UX designers, support personnel, etc. The more people with differing backgrounds are involved, the more knowledge will be discovered.

Take care not to make the group too big, however. Every participant should be able to contribute to the process, but this can be challenging for groups of more than 10 participants.

What Do You Need for Event Storming?

Event storming is considered a low-tech workshop because it is done using a pen and paper (a lot of papers, actually). Let’s see what you need for facilitating an event storming session.

Modeling Space

First, you need a large modeling space. A whole wall covered with butcher paper makes the best modeling space, as shown in Figure 8-1.

Modeling space for event storming
Figure 8-1. Modeling space for event storming

A large whiteboard can fit the purpose as well, but it ...

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