What To Do When Machines Do Everything

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The essential playbook for the future of your business

What To Do When Machines Do Everything is a guidebook to succeeding in the next generation of the digital economy. When systems running on Artificial Intelligence can drive our cars, diagnose medical patients, and manage our finances more effectively than humans it raises profound questions on the future of work and how companies compete. Illustrated with real-world cases, data, and insight, the authors provide clear strategic guidance and actionable steps to help you and your organization move ahead in a world where exponentially developing new technologies are changing how value is created.

Written by a team of business and technology expert practitioners—who also authored Code Halos: How the Digital Lives of People, Things, and Organizations are Changing the Rules of Business—this book provides a clear path to the future of your work.

The first part of the book examines the once in a generation upheaval most every organization will soon face as systems of intelligence go mainstream. The authors argue that contrary to the doom and gloom that surrounds much of IT and business at the moment, we are in fact on the cusp of the biggest wave of opportunity creation since the Industrial Revolution. Next, the authors detail a clear-cut business model to help leaders take part in this coming boom; the AHEAD model outlines five strategic initiatives—Automate, Halos, Enhance, Abundance, and Discovery—that are central to competing in the next phase of global business by driving new levels of efficiency, customer intimacy and innovation.

Business leaders today have two options: be swallowed up by the ongoing technological evolution, or ride the crest of the wave to new profits and better business. This book shows you how to avoid your own extinction event, and will help you;

  • Understand the untold full extent of technology's impact on the way we work and live.
  • Find out where we're headed, and how soon the future will arrive
  • Leverage the new emerging paradigm into a sustainable business advantage
  • Adopt a strategic model for winning in the new economy

The digital world is already transforming how we work, live, and shop, how we are governed and entertained, and how we manage our money, health, security, and relationships. Don't let your business—or your career—get left behind. What To Do When Machines Do Everything is your strategic roadmap to a future full of possibility and success. Or peril.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. Chapter 1: When Machines Do Everything
    1. Like It or Not, This Is Happening
    2. Digital That Matters
    3. Playing the New Game
    4. But Will I Be Automated Away?
    5. Getting AHEAD in the Age of the New Machine
  6. Chapter 2: From Stall to Boom: We've Been Here Before
    1. When Machines Do Everything, What Happens to Us?
    2. But Haven't Our Computers Made Us More Productive?
    3. Carlota's Way
    4. Riding the Waves
    5. Three Big Reasons Why a Boom Is About to Occur
    6. From Stall to Boom, a Time of Optimism
  7. Chapter 3: There Will Be Blood
    1. Predictions of Massive Job Losses via AI
    2. Manual vs. Knowledge Labor: As Goes the Factory, So Goes the Office?
    3. Don't Confuse Jobs with Tasks
    4. Don't Overlook the Job-Growth Story
    5. The Pace of This Transition
    6. Getting AHEAD in a Time of Churn
  8. Chapter 4: The New Machine: Systems of Intelligence
    1. Defining the New Machine
    2. Meet the Machine: Anatomy of a System of Intelligence
    3. Systems of Intelligence in Action
    4. What Does “Good” Look Like? Attributes of a Successful System of Intelligence
    5. From Vapor to Value
  9. Chapter 5: Your New Raw Materials: Data Is Better than Oil
    1. Turning Data from a Liability into an Asset
    2. Managing the Data Supply Chain
    3. Business Analytics: Turning Data into Meaning
    4. If It Costs More than $5, and You Can't Eat It, Instrument It!
    5. The Home-Field Advantage of Big Companies
    6. Data Is Job One
  10. Chapter 6: Digital Business Models: Your Five Ways to Beat Silicon Valley
    1. Hybrid Is the New Black
    2. Avoiding the Four Traps
    3. Five Ways to Mine Gold from the New Machines
    4. The Management Opportunity of a Generation
  11. Chapter 7: Automate: The Robots Aren't Coming; They're Here
    1. Automation Is Not Optional
    2. Software Should Be Eating Your Core Operations
    3. What to Do on Monday? Flick Your Automation-On Switch
    4. Automation Is a Means, Not an End
  12. Chapter 8: Halo: Instrument Everything, Change the Game
    1. Every “Thing” Is Now a Code Generator
    2. Become a “Know-It-All”
    3. What to Do on Monday? Capitalize on Code
    4. Digits over Widgets: The Next Age of Business and Technology
  13. Chapter 9: Enhance: Amplify Human Performance with the New Machine
    1. Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age…Digital Age
    2. Enhanced Jobs Will Be Protected Jobs
    3. Smart Robots Make Smarter Hands
    4. What to Do on Monday? Partner with Systems of Intelligence
    5. You + New Tools = Enhancement
  14. Chapter 10: Abundance: Finding Your 10X Opportunities with the New Machine
    1. What to Do on Monday? Find Abundance in Your Organization
    2. Increasing Prosperity by Lowering Prices
  15. Chapter 11: Discovery: Manage Innovation for the Digital Economy
    1. R&D Without AI Is No R&D at All
    2. Discovery Is Hard, but Not as Hard as Being Irrelevant
    3. What to Do on Monday? Don't Short Human Imagination
    4. Create Your Own Budding Effect
  16. Chapter 12: Competing on Code: A Call to Action from the Future
    1. AI for Pragmatists
    2. The Digital Build-Out Is Here
    3. Align the Three M's
    4. Move AHEAD
    5. Courage and Faith in the Future
  17. Acknowledgments
  18. Photo Credits
  19. Disclaimers
  20. Index
  21. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: What To Do When Machines Do Everything
  • Author(s): Malcolm Frank, Paul Roehrig, Ben Pring
  • Release date: February 2017
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781119278665