On Operations


A Note on IKEA

I made a trip to IKEA with my family this past week and thought I would comment on their business model. To start, I feel everyone has something to learn from IKEA. Here are a few key points that can and should be applied to your company:

  1. Demonstration Sales Presentation: If you have ever been to an IKEA store you know that the entire store is built as a full tour or live demonstration of their product offerings. It's basically Disney World for grown-ups looking for home furnishings and accessories. This is a smart approach to sales. Customers get to see the products and get a clear picture of what those products might look like in their homes. Arrows throughout the stores guide customers where the company wants them to go and point out what IKEA wants them to see, which results in control of the customer. By the time customers are done with the tour/demo, they should have seen and now know what they want and have added it to their carts. The tour/demo model is a phenomenal way to sell your product because it makes the product or service real to the potential buyer. Find a way to demo your product to your possible buyers in a way that allows them to compare it to how they will actually use the product or service. This will help control and improve your ...

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