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What's New in Swift 3

Book Description

Swift 3 is the first significant release since Apple’s heralded programming language became an open source project in late 2015. In this report, Jon Manning, Paris Buttfield-Addison, and Tim Nugent—authors of Learning Swift—provide a tour of Swift 3 and its growing ecosystem. You’ll learn about the language’s most impactful and interesting new features, and explore Swift’s use on non-Apple platforms.

Many changes in Swift 3 are subtle refinements that knock the rough corners off the language, making human interactions with Swift much smoother. To help you gain a better understanding of Swift 3, the authors provide a simple program designed for one of Apple’s Swift Playgrounds.

  • Get a high-level view of Swift 3’s changes and new features, and learn how this version differs from Swift 2
  • Explore the Swift Evolution Process and the full list of accepted proposals—including those not yet implemented
  • Dive into Swift 3’s changes to the language’s syntax, standard library features, and other areas
  • Examine Swift 3’s use on the server, and use a simple program to learn about Swift’s use on Linux
  • Find further resources for learning about, working with, and converting projects to Swift 3