What’s New in SAS/ETS 9.3


This chapter summarizes the new features available in SAS/ETS 9.3.

If you have used SAS/ETS procedures in the past, you can review this chapter to learn about the new features that have been added. When you see a new feature that might be useful for your work, see the appropriate chapter in the SAS/ETS User's Guide to read about the feature in detail.

Highlights of Changes and Enhancements

The following new procedures have been added to SAS/ETS software:

  • COPULA procedure (experimental)
  • SSM procedure (experimental)
  • SASEXCCM interface engine (experimental)

New features have been added to the following SAS/ETS components:

  • AUTOREG procedure
  • ESM procedure
  • PANEL procedure
  • SASEFAME interface engine ...

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