What's New in SAS/GRAPH 9.3


There are many changes and enhancements for SAS/GRAPH 9.3. Highlights include the following:

  • ODS Graphics has been moved from SAS/GRAPH to Base SAS.

  • There are several enhancements to the SAS/GRAPH device drivers. The PDF and SVG devices now support drill-down functionality, and the new SVGANIM device supports animation.

  • In addition to other enhancements, many procedures now support the new URL= option, which simplifies the creation of drill-down links in SAS/GRAPH output.

Also, there are significant changes to Base SAS that are of interest to SAS/GRAPH users.

  • ODS HTML is now the default destination in the SAS windowing environment for the Microsoft Windows and UNIX operating systems.

  • A new ...

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