What's New in the SAS 9.3 Companion for UNIX Environments


The following categories list the areas of change for SAS in UNIX environments:

  • Concatenating Files in autoexec.sas
  • Deprecated Option
  • Documentation Enhancements
  • Encoding for Pathnames on Disk
  • Identifying Where the Value of a SAS System Option Is Set
  • SAS Output
  • Processing Files on Tape
  • SAS Statement Option
  • SAS System Options
  • SAS Window Enhancement

Concatenating Files in autoexec.sas

You can concatenate your files in an autoexec.sas file by using the APPEND and INSERT system options with the AUTOEXEC system option.

Deprecated Option

The PRODTOC option has been deprecated.

Documentation Enhancements

  • The error message in the SYSTASK statement has been updated ...

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