Conversion functions

SQL Server 2012 introduces some useful conversion functions that will help you avoid errors when dealing with different data types. We will use easy-to-understand examples so you can see how beneficial they are.


TRY_PARSE doesn't look too useful on surface, but as we will soon see it has a vey useful specialist niche.

The basic syntax of TRY_PARSE is as follows:

SELECT TRY_PARSE (string AS datatype)

Each of the following will return a NULL, as the value passed in the string does not convert to a value of the data type specified as the second parameter:

SELECT TRY_PARSE ('SQL Server 2012' AS datetime) AS MyDateTime SELECT TRY_PARSE ('SQL Server 2012' AS decimal) AS MyDecimal SELECT TRY_PARSE ('ABC' AS float) AS MyFloat ...

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