What Are They Thinking?

The Other Four Generations

A Boomer boss walks into a Gen X’er’s office and says, “I’ve got great news for you! I recommended you for a promotion—and you won!”

Pause, as the Boomer waits for any obvious signs of delight from the X’er. (Boomers, for reasons I’ll explain in this chapter, tend as a group to be pretty competitive; winning is a very big deal. So, to the Boomer, this is certain to be fantastic news.)

“Of course, it does mean you’ll have to relocate. The promotion is in our Topeka office.”

Pause. Dead silence from the X’er. Then, “No, thanks.”

Starts off like a joke, doesn’t it? But it’s no joke. Here we have two generations responding to the same set of conditions in very different ways, and ...

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