Part II. The Customer Service Revolution

The Customer Service Revolution

X Commandments for Providing a World-Class Customer Experience

From years of studying and working with world-class customer service organizations, I have found that there are principles they all have in common that differentiate them from other organizations and elevate them to a different customer service level. These commandments of world-class service are irrefutable. There are not nine or eleven, there are ten. They do not change, or become obsolete. Just as important as the commandments themselves, is the order of the commandments, here, referred to as the Chain of Commandments. The commandments are arranged in the precise sequence necessary for an organization to provide a world-class customer experience. It is impossible for an organization to reach its optimum level of service attitude and customer satisfaction without proficiently executing each commandment.

  1. Service Vision: A clear purpose of why the business exists.

    First and foremost every organization that provides superior service has a strong Service Vision that creates a clear direction for everyone in that business—the true underlying purpose of what an organization brings to the community and why your customers buy from you that they couldn't get elsewhere (Chapter 5).

    X Commandments for Providing a World-Class Customer Experience

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