Writing a book always involves more people than just the author. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me with this book project over the last couple of years.

Project thanks

First I'd like to thank those people with whom I worked on the projects where I mined the patterns. The customers for the projects should remain anonymous, but if you recognise any of the projects and you were involved, I'd like to thank you for good ideas, insightful discussions and fruitful collaboration.

Over the years I've presented many of the ideas expressed in this book at various conferences. I've received lots of encouragement and valuable feedback from many people:

  • I presented some early ideas in a workshop on web content management that I ran at the OT 2004 conference in Cambridge. Thanks to everybody who participated.

  • I presented sections of the book at various pattern conferences – EuroPLoP 2005, 2006 and 2007, and VikingPLoP 2006. Prior to these conferences I received much helpful feedback from the people who acted as shepherds for the conference papers: Uwe Zdun, Michael Weiss and Jorge Luis Ortega Arjona, whom I'd like to thank for encouragement, helpful comments and thought-provoking questions. At the conferences the papers were taken to writers' workshops, where they received in-depth reviews. Thanks to all workshop participants for many helpful comments.

  • Bird-of-a-feather sessions at EuroPLoP 2005 and 2006 spawned more interesting ideas on the areas addressed here. Thanks go ...

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