Pattern Thumbnails

For convenience, the following pages contain thumbnails of the individual patterns in the book. You can use these thumbnails to get an overview of the pattern collection as a whole, or to gain a first impression of individual patterns that you find interesting.

Architecture Overview

Content Management and Content Delivery (1.1)

How can you accommodate both the users' and the content editors' needs?

Provide software for two distinct purposes. On one hand, you need content management software that supports the content editors in their job. On the other, you need content delivery software that makes content available to the web and controls possible user interaction. You won't have to develop the complete software yourself – a content management system typically provides some of the necessary functionality – but you must expect to develop a certain amount of custom software.

Dynamic Content Delivery plus Caching (1.2)

How can you ensure that the site is always up-to-date and reflects the latest changes made by the content editors? How can you lay the foundation for interaction and personalisation?

Combine dynamic content delivery with powerful caching strategies. Choose a content management system that generates web pages on request and offers caching mechanisms sufficient to meet your performance requirements.

Sensible Client-Side Interaction (1.3)

How can you ensure that your site features the desired degree of interaction and user participation while maintaining reasonable ...

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