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Where Winners Live: Sell More, Earn More, Achieve More Through Personal Accountability

Book Description

Be accountable and achieve success

Personal accountability is the secret weapon of every successful sales professional. It is the secret weapon of Where Winners Live co-author Dave Porter, who became the owner and CEO of Baystate Financial Services at age 35 and grew it into a $100 million-a-year business over the next 15 years. It is the secret weapon of Where Winners Live co-author Linda Galindo, who transformed herself from the self-proclaimed Queen of Victims into an entrepreneur, business coach, consultant and speaker whose typical audience numbers 500 or more.

Like all highly accountable professionals, these authors live Where Winners Live, an achievement they say is available to everyone. Written in a no-excuses tone and filled with personal stories and practical exercises, their book offers readers the non-negotiable, high-performance behaviors of the sales trade and tried-and-true best practices for success.

  • Exposes the key difference between top-earning sales professionals and those who struggle to make their numbers every quarter

  • Outlines the three critical characteristics of personal accountability: responsibility, self-empowerment, and ownership of results after the fact

  • Explores personal accountability from the perspective of both leaders and rank-and-file sales professionals

Where Winners Live shows readers the most effective way to hold themselves and others accountable.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I: Accountability and You
    1. Chapter 1: You Are Accountable
    2. Chapter 2: What Is Accountability?
    3. Chapter 3: Linda’s Story
    4. Chapter 4: Where Losers Languish
      1. The Victim
      2. The Finger-Pointer
      3. The Robbery Victim
      4. The Coulda-Woulda
      5. The Gossip
      6. The Should-er
      7. The We-We
      8. The Yes Man
      9. The Guess Man
      10. The Sneak
      11. The Not-Good-Enougher
    5. Chapter 5: Where Do You Live?
    6. Chapter 6: Choosing Your Mindset
    7. Chapter 7: Clarity: The Core of Accountability
    8. Chapter 8: Dave’s Story
    9. Chapter 9: Taking Action
    10. Chapter 10: Defining Success
    11. Chapter 11: Accountable For, Accountable To
    12. Chapter 12: Do What You Need to Do
      1. Eleven Pearls
    13. Chapter 13: Fine-Print Accountability
    14. Chapter 14: I’m Sorry, But . . .
  8. Part II: Accountability and Teamwork
    1. Chapter 15: Own Your Compromises
    2. Chapter 16: The Boss of You
    3. Chapter 17: True Teamwork
    4. Chapter 18: The Contradiction
    5. Chapter 19: Five Levels of Teams
    6. Chapter 20: Eleven Behaviors
      1. Talk to, Not About
      2. Cancel the “Meeting After the Meeting”
      3. Make Clear Agreements
      4. Know Your Place
      5. Understand Priorities
      6. Learn from Your Mistakes
      7. Define “Success”
      8. Don’t Rescue, Fix, and Save
      9. Hold Yourself Accountable
      10. Become “Conflict Competent”
      11. Work Transparently
    7. Chapter 21: Barriers to Teamwork
    8. Chapter 22: Reasonable Expectations
  9. Part III: Accountability and Leadership
    1. Chapter 23: The Accountable Leader
    2. Chapter 24: Pain Point: Retention
    3. Chapter 25: Barriers to Entry
    4. Chapter 26: Culture Clash
    5. Chapter 27: Hiring Integrity
    6. Chapter 28: Triangle of Victimization
    7. Chapter 29: Understanding the Game
    8. Chapter 30: Pain Point: Holding Others Accountable—Or Not
    9. Chapter 31: Pain Point: Rescue, Fix, and Save
    10. Chapter 32: Pain Point: Do It My Way
    11. Chapter 33: Non-negotiables
    12. Chapter 34: Go Ahead: Do It Your Way
    13. Chapter 35: Pain Point: Clarity
    14. Chapter 36: Pain Point: I Can’t Know Everything
    15. Chapter 37: Outcome Equals Intention
  10. Epilogue
  11. About the Authors
  12. Index