Are you a sales professional looking for a new and creative way to engage your enterprise prospects?

Or a marketer determined that sales will use the right messages to attract economic buyers into your sales funnel with a unique and fresh approach?

Or a sales leader, focused on sales transformation, larger transactions, and shorter time-to-close?

If so, then this book is for you.

What if you could sell with nothing more than a pen and a drawing surface? When sales professionals lose the PowerPoint and use the pen, they are more confident, and they are much more likely to compel buyers to act. This book shows you how to make this transformation for yourself or your entire sales and marketing organizations.

We should make it clear up front that although this book is titled Whiteboard Selling, this by no means implies we are inventing whiteboarding for sales. Seasoned sales professionals and other customer-facing personnel have been whiteboarding for decades. All we have done is put a heavy dose of structure and process behind building powerful visual stories and discussion frameworks, and then enabling sellers to present them in a way that captivates and motivates buyers.

Is Selling with Visuals a New Idea?

Yes and no. There are literally thousands of books on the power of visual communications, visual thinking, and presentation skills—and not just books, but reams of academic papers, studies, and surveys. Indeed, it is well established that visual thinking, learning, ...

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