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Who Kidnapped Excellence?

Book Description

In the tradition of Who Killed Change?, the book begins with a crime being committed: Excellence (personified) has been kidnapped and Leadership assembles Excellence’s team (Passion, Flexibility, Communication, Competency, and Ownership) and challenges them to work together to get their Excellence back. And who is the culprit? Has Average kidnapped Excellence and replaced Excellence’s team with his own: N. Different, N. Ept, N. Flexible, Miss Communication, and Poser? A mysterious ransom note sparks a struggle between Average and Excellence. Integrated into this story of organizational excellence is a personal story of Dave, a delivery man. The abduction of Excellence forces Dave to contemplate the level of excellence in his personal life. Throughout the story, the paths of personal best and organizational excellence cross and intertwine. Who Kidnapped Excellence? is a parable that helps organizations and individuals achieve their best and maintain excellence in every aspect of their lives.