160 Who’s Your Gladys?
The more Sky Lakes works the tools, the more the tools work. Jason and
many other members of the front-line staff have noticed a difference in
their awareness of why they do what they do, and the positive results that
ensue. ‘‘Every time I go out in the lobby to get a patient, it’s different
from the way I did it three years ago,’’ Jason noted. ‘‘It’s not necessarily
different in terms of treating patients better or worse, but making an
effort to talk to them and see how they are doing. Making an effort to
see how registration went for them. If they had an issue, I take a second
to stop, write it down, and say, ‘Okay, let me look into that and I’ll get
back to you.’ It’s more a consciousness of going the extra mile to give the
best service possible.’’
Scripting is tailored as a starting place for ideas that hospital staff
members want to get across to patients. ‘‘In our department, we’ve tried
to help registration identify some areas where people might be able to
improve their customer feedback,’’ he explained. Scripts were created at
a DO IT meeting and offered as an example of what could be said. This
allows the employees to personalize their responses to patients so that
they can express what needs to be said in a natural way, making it their
‘‘For a while, we had patients who didn’t feel that we were respecting
their privacy. So for me personally, instead of saying, ‘I need you to take
off everything from the waist up and put this gown on. I’ll step out and
give you a couple of minutes,’ I just added the words, ‘I’m going to shut
the curtain for your privacy. If you need anything, I’ll be on the other
side. Just feel free to call.’ ’’
Inserting the word privacy into the message is a subtle change that
made a big difference. ‘‘Even though we were thinking of people’s privacy
before, now we’re actually telling them that we are thinking of their
privacy,’’ Jason explained. ‘‘There are varying levels of scripting, but
that’s what it is.’’
During a service recovery situation, there are certain scripts that em-
ployees go through to make sure they follow procedures without missing
anything. ‘‘If you don’t go through the steps—listen to what they say,
acknowledge them, and validate them—but jump immediately to the
service recovery toolbox and give them some movie tickets, they are

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