Chapter 3. Angular Developer Tools

Building a full-featured, modern frontend web application requires a lot of moving parts. First, you need to decide how you are going to bundle your assets. Then, you need to decide how you’re going to transpile your source code. On top of that, you need a development server, test runner, and a variety of other tools to ensure high-quality code. A common consideration is how to segment the development environment from the production environment. The context between the two environments are wildly different and have distinctly unique requirements; a development environment is optimized for human readability, whereas a production environment is optimized for machine processing.

Assembling all of these pieces by hand is typically very complicated and time-consuming. Software teams often dedicate an entire sprint cycle to getting the environment set up to perfectly suit their needs. Bypassing this cumbersome process and eliminating moving parts will enable you to significantly reduce the time and money spent on development.

In this chapter, we examine the tools that Angular provides that can help increase the velocity at which your teams develop software. Google’s engineering culture is built around tooling, and this is at the core of the development experience with Angular.

Angular Command-Line Interface

The Angular CLI is a powerful tool for Angular developers that provides code generation, code linting, build tooling, and ahead-of-time compilation. ...

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