Every so often an opportunity comes along to learn from a master; a person who not only has personally reached a huge level of success, but knows how to teach the ‘how-to' just as effectively to others. If you want to know why winners win, simply read this amazing book. On the other hand, if you want to be one of those winners, read the book and immediately begin to apply the knowledge and wisdom the author has so generously shared. If you could only read one book on success and it would have to be enough, this book would qualify. Oh, and despite it being mostly geared to real estate, the principles Gary teaches will work for any entrepreneur; any professional. FANTASTIC!

— Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver

Gary is well qualified to write a book on winning. I have seen him go from deep financial difficulties to prosperity. I have known him in tough times and good times. I have seen him build a training company that offers ethical training that works. I trust Gary's advice.

Personally, I believe we are on this ‘Trip Earth' to help others. Gary had that all figured out when I met him; it is the key to our friendship! He is very aware that when he wins, everyone else in his circle does too, and Gary has helped countless people to succeed while on his own success path. Although much of his background has been in real estate, Why Winners Win is relevant to all industries and professions.

— Bill Nasby, sales trainer, international speaker, and developer of Your Path to Deliberate Creation  ...

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