Wi-Fi Fundamentals LiveLessons (Video Training): A CCNA Wireless and CWNA Primer

Video description

Wi-Fi Fundamentals LiveLessons is a video tutorial that provides users with over six hours of personal, visual instruction from wireless expert and instructor Jerome Henry. The tutorial contains a series of short instructional videos that demonstrates the concepts and mechanics behind RF, Wi-Fi networks, and 802.11 frame exchanges.

Wi-Fi Fundamentals LiveLessons contains 8 individual videos lessons, subdivided into 48 sublessons, for a total of more than six hours of instruction. The videos consist of audio instruction and animations. Each video presents detailed objectives and video captures. Audio instruction throughout offers detailed explanations and tips.

About the Author

Jerome Henry is Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco, focusing on Wi-Fi products. Jerome has more than 12 year experience teaching technical Cisco courses and products in more than 15 different countries and 4 different languages, to audiences ranging from Bachelor degree students to networking professionals and Cisco internal system engineers. Focusing on his wireless experience, Jerome joined Cisco at the beginning of 2013. Before that time, he was consulting and teaching Heterogeneous Networks and Wireless Integration with the European Airespace team, which was later acquired by Cisco to become their main wireless solution. He then became technology leader at a Cisco Learning and Solution Partner before joining Cisco. He is certified wireless networking expert (CWNE #45), CCIE Wireless (#24750), CCNP Wireless, developed several Cisco courses focusing on wireless topics (IUWNE, IUWMS, IUWVN, CUWSS, IAUWS, LBS, CWMN lab guide, etc.) and authored several Wireless books (IUWMS, CUWSS Quick Reference, etc.). Jerome was also elevated to the grade of IEEE 802.11 group Senior Member. With more than 10000 hours in the classroom, Jerome was awarded the IT Training Award best Instructor silver medal in 2009. He is based in Pittsboro, NC.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Wi-Fi Fundamentals LiveLessons: Introduction
  2. Lesson 1: Connecting Without Wires
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 1.1 Understanding WPAN, WLAN, WMAN, and WWAN
    3. 1.2 Using Ad Hoc Networks and Infrastructure Mode
    4. 1.3 SSID and Roaming
    5. 1.4 Specialized Wi-Fi Devices - WGBs, Repeaters, Bridges, and Mesh
    6. 1.5 The Roles of the IEEE and the Wi-Fi Alliance
  3. Lesson 2: Sending a Signal - Powers and Power Math in Wi-Fi
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 2.1 Why Power Matters
    3. 2.2 Understanding dB and dbm
    4. 2.3 Using dBi and dBd
    5. 2.4 Understanding EIRP
  4. Lesson 3: Sending a Signal – Antennas
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 3.1 Exploring Antenna Principles
    3. 3.2 Understanding Radiation Patterns
    4. 3.3 Why Use Directional Antennas?
    5. 3.4 Understanding Common Omnidirectional Types of Antennas and Polarization
    6. 3.5 Using Connectors
    7. 3.6 Examining Attenuators, Amplifiers, Lightning Arrestors, and Splitters
  5. Lesson 4: Sending a Signal – Overcoming Distance and Obstacles
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 4.1 Understanding RF Terms and Concepts - Frequency, Wavelength, and Amplitude
    3. 4.2 Going through Obstacles - Absorption, Reflection, Multipath, Scattering, and Refraction
    4. 4.3 Losing or Gaining Signal in Free Space - Line of Sight, Free Path Loss Model, and Fresnel Zone
    5. 4.4 Understanding RSSI and SNR
    6. 4.5 Exploring the RF Spectrum
    7. 4.6 Competing with non-802.11 Transmissions - Bluetooth, DECT, ZigBee, WiMAX, Radars, and Others
  6. Lesson 5: Converting Bits into RF Waves
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 5.1 Understanding the Spread Spectrum Technology
    3. 5.2 Exploring DSSS Basic Modulations - DBPSK and QBPSK
    4. 5.3 Exploring DSSS Advanced Modulation - CCK
    5. 5.4 Exploring OFDM Basic Modulations - BPSK and QPSK
    6. 5.5 Exploring OFDM Advanced Modulation - QAM
    7. 5.6 Issues Linked to Channel Overlaps and Channel Reuse
  7. Lesson 6: 802.11 and Ever Faster Wi-Fi
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 6.1 Understanding the Original 802.11
    3. 6.2 Understanding 802.11b
    4. 6.3 Understanding 802.11a and 802.11g
    5. 6.4 Going Faster - 802.11n Channel Aggregation and Blocks
    6. 6.5 Going Faster - 802.11n MIMO (MRC, TxBF, and Spatial Multiplexing)
    7. 6.6 Going Even Faster - 802.11ac
    8. 6.7 Other Ways of Making the Spectrum More Efficient
  8. Lesson 7: Wi-Fi Security
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 7.1 Understanding Wi-Fi Security Components
    3. 7.2 Securing Authentication
    4. 7.3 Encrypting Traffic
    5. 7.4 Distributing and Managing the Keys
    6. 7.5 Understanding Wi-Fi Security History
    7. 7.6 Exploring Wi-Fi Security Exchanges
  9. Lesson 8: Crafting and Exchanging 802.11 Frames
    1. Learning Objectives
    2. 8.1 How Frames Are Sent
    3. 8.2 Frame Format and Speeds
    4. 8.3 The Management Frames That Are Used to Discover the Network
    5. 8.4 The Management Frames That Are Used to Connect to the Network
    6. 8.5 The Control Frames That Are Used to Improve Communication
    7. 8.6 Frame Speeds
    8. 8.7 Wireless QoS
    9. 8.8 The Power Save Configuration

Product information

  • Title: Wi-Fi Fundamentals LiveLessons (Video Training): A CCNA Wireless and CWNA Primer
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2014
  • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
  • ISBN: 0133816877