Hangman is another fun word game! Most people know how to play hangman. If a user doesn't know how to play, the rules are simple to explain. A word is randomly chosen and only the number of characters is known—sort of like Wheel of Fortune. The user has six tries to figure out the word, or else the man is hanged and game lost.

The Code

 unless ARGV[0] and File.exists?(ARGV[0])
     puts "\n\nUsage is hangman.rb <word.file>\n\n"

 words = File.readlines(ARGV[0])
 mystery_word = words[rand(words.size)].chomp
 solution = Array.new(mystery_word.length, "-")
 guessed = []
 steps = 6

 while steps > 0
 puts <<EOM \n\n\nYou have #{steps} ...

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