Intensify Your Intelligence for Accelerated Success


The especial genius of women I believe to be electrical in movement, intuitive in function, spiritual in tendency.


Genius is not fixed, but elastic.



Study after study shows that, overall, men and women are equally intelligent, despite men having 4 percent more brain cells, about 100 grams more brain tissue and an annoying ability to memorize the most inane sports statistics while forgetting their anniversaries.

Interestingly though, women's grade point averages in college are generally higher than men's, no matter what field they study. Women have outstripped men in completing college and obtaining graduate-level degrees, and the lead is widening.

Although equally intelligent, men and women possess different kinds of intelligence. Women have smaller, more compact brains with 10 times more white matter, which tends to improve the integration and assimilation of information. Men have six times more gray matter, which makes them more adept at spatial tasks and thus enhances their map-reading and directional skills. (Could that be why they never ask for directions?)

Women typically develop better language-related skills. During childhood, girls' vocabularies develop faster than those of boys; ...

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