Chapter 11. Tackling the Exercises

In This Chapter

  • Examining exercise tracking and scoring

  • Customizing the Single Exercise Workout Area

  • Working out with Wii Remote exercises

  • Performing Wii Balance Board exercises

  • Cooling down exercises

Agood Wii fitness game provides quality exercises, and all of the games we cover in this book do this. What distinguishes Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 from the rest is its use of explosive movements. Performing exercises explosively can increase your strength and heart rate as well as facilitate greater fat loss by helping to push your body beyond its usual abilities. Although ballistic motions can have great benefit, explosive exercises always need to be performed with great care because they can increase your risk of injury, particularly if you have sloppy form. Although it's important to remain aware of and in control of your body at all times, it's especially critical when performing explosive exercises such as those included in Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010.

In this chapter, we discuss how your exercise performance is scored, review how you can customize the Single Exercise workout area, and provide an overview of the individual exercises themselves and how to perform them. Exercises are organized based on whether they use the Wii Remote or Balance Board or whether they are intended for cooling down. Although you can power through explosive exercises, be sure to perform them at your own pace.

Examining Exercise Tracking and Scoring ...

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