spreading truthful positive content is a popular response to online
Iceberg content—False negative information about you online that is
not very visible in search engines today. Much like an iceberg, it can
still sink your reputation if it later rises up to the surface.
Instant universality—The power of the Internet to broadcast infor-
mation to the world in tenths of a second or less.
Libel index—A way to measure the harm caused by false negative
content. Roughly speaking, the harm caused by false negative content
is proportional to the size of the audience that sees it, multiplied by
the closeness of that audience to you.
Name collision—What happens when two people share the same
name and one suffers from the other’s negative online image.
Online Justice Squad—A satirical name for any group of self-proclaimed
vigilantes who set out to punish apparent transgressions.
Online résumé—The first blast of content that will be seen by anybody
searching for your name online. Your online résumé is your online first
impression (and often your only first impression).
Recovery road map—Like a reputation road map, but targeted at re-
covering from an online attack.
Reputation audit—A structured investigation of how your reputation
appears to a Web searcher today.
Reputation road mapA plan of action to improve your online
Total online profile—The sum total of all online content about you
that could be found by the most dedicated Web searcher.
WikipediaA free community-edited encyclopedia that stores more
human knowledge than any book ever written.
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