Definitions of Terms

Accrued pension costCumulative net pension cost accrued in excess of the em‐ployer's contributions.
Accumulated benefit obligationActuarial present value of benefits (whether vested or nonvested) attributed by the pension benefit formula to employee service rendered before a specified date and based on employee service and compensation (if applicable) prior to that date. The accumulated benefit obligation differs from the projected benefit obligation in that it includes no assumption about future compensation levels. For plans with flat‐benefit or no‐pay‐related pension benefit formulas, the accumulated benefit obligation and the projected benefit obligation are the same.
Accumulated postretirement benefit obligationThe actuarial present value of benefits attributed to employee service rendered to a particular date. Prior to an employee's full eligibility date, the accumulated postretirement benefit obligation as of a particular date for an employee is the portion of the expected postretirement benefit obligation attributed to that employee's service rendered to that date. On and after the full eligibility date, the accumulated and expected postretirement benefit obligations for an employee are the same.
Actual return on plan assets component (of net periodic pension cost)Difference between fair value of plan assets at the end of the period and the fair value at the beginning of the period, adjusted for employer contributions and payments of benefits during the ...

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