Wiley GAAP 2019: Interpretation and Application provides analytical explanations, copious illustrations, and nearly 300 examples of all current generally accepted accounting principles. The book integrates principles promulgated by the FASB in its Accounting Standards Codification.TM Wiley GAAP is organized to align fully with the structure of the FASB Codification. Each chapter begins with a list of the subtopics included within the topic, scope, scope exceptions, technical alerts of any FASB Updates, and an overview of the topic. The remainder of each chapter contains a detailed discussion of the concepts and practical examples and illustrations.

This organization facilitates the primary objective of the book—to assist financial statement preparers and practitioners in resolving the myriad practical problems faced in applying GAAP. Hundreds of meaningful, realistic examples guide users in the application of GAAP to the complex fact situations that must be dealt with in the real world practice of accounting. In addition to this emphasis, a major strength of the book is that it explains the theory of GAAP in sufficient detail to serve as a valuable adjunct to accounting textbooks. Much more than merely a reiteration of currently promulgated GAAP, it provides the user with the underlying conceptual bases for the rules. It facilitates the process of reasoning by analogy that is so necessary in dealing with the complicated, fast-changing world of commercial arrangements ...

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