About the Author

Chapter 1: New Developments


Recently Issued GASB Statements and Their Effective Dates

Exposure Drafts

Preliminary Views

GASB Project Plan


Chapter 2: Foundations of Governmental Accounting


Chapter Overview

Entities Covered by Governmental Accounting Principles

Overview of The History of Governmental Accounting Standards Setting

Objectives of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting

Objectives of Financial Reporting

Communication Methods

Elements of Financial Statements

Hierarchy of Governmental Accounting Standards

Codification of Certain FASB and AICPA Accounting and Financial Reporting Guidance


Chapter 3: Fund Accounting Fundamentals


Definition of Fund and The Purpose of Fund Accounting

A Synopsis of The Various Types of Funds Used by Governments for Accounting and Financial Reporting

A Definition of Basis of Accounting and Measurement Focus

Recognition and Measurement of Certain Fund Liabilities and Expenditures

A Synopsis of Basis of Accounting and Measurement Focus Used by Each Type of Fund


Chapter 4: General Fund and Special Revenue Funds


Basis of Accounting and Measurement Focus

Nature and Use of The General Fund

Nature and Use of Special Revenue Funds

Accounting for Certain Revenue and Expenditures of General and Special Revenue Funds

Accounting for Assets, Liabilities, and Fund Balances of General and Special Revenue Funds


Chapter 5: Capital Projects ...

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