20Revenue Recognition, Including Construction Contracts

  1. Revenue Recognition
  2. Introduction
  3. Definitions of Terms
  4. Scope
    1. Revenue
    2. Scope of the Standard
  5. Identification
  6. Measurement
    1. Exchanges of Similar and Dissimilar Goods and Services
  7. Recognition
    1. Revenue Recognition from the Sale of Goods
    2. Revenue Recognition from the Rendering of Services
    3. Revenue Recognition from Interest, Royalties and Dividends
  8. Specific Transactions
    1. Revenue Recognised from the Transfer of Assets from Customers
    2. Accounting for Barter Transactions
    3. Accounting for Multiple-Element Revenue Arrangements
    4. Reporting Revenue as a Principal or as an Agent
    5. Sales Involving Customer Loyalty Credits
    6. Service Concession Arrangements
  9. Example of Financial Statement Disclosures
  10. Construction Contract Accounting
  11. Introduction
  12. Definitions of Terms
  13. Recognition and Measurement
    1. Percentage-of-Completion Method
      1. Contract Costs
      2. Types of Contract Costs
      3. Estimated Costs to Complete
      4. Subcontractor Costs
      5. Back Charges
    2. Fixed-Price and Cost-Plus Contracts
    3. Recognition of Contract Revenue and Expenses
    4. When Outcome of a Contract Cannot Be Estimated Reliably
    5. Contract Costs Not Recoverable Due to Uncertainties
    6. Revenue Measurement—Determining the Stage of Completion
    7. Recognition of Expected Contract Losses
    8. Combining and Segmenting Contracts
    9. Contractual Stipulation for Additional Asset—Separate Contract
    10. Changes in Estimate
    11. Agreements for the Construction of Real Estate
  14. Disclosure
    1. Financial Statement Presentation Requirements under IAS 11
  15. Future Developments ...

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