AT 301: Financial Forecasts and Projections


Original Pronouncement Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 10, Attestation Standards: Revision and Recodification, as amended by SSAE 11 and 17.
Effective Date These statements currently are effective.
Applicability The Statement applies to engagements in which a practitioner either (1) submits, to his or her clients or others, prospective financial statements that he or she has assembled or assisted in assembling or (2) reports on prospective financial statements, and also believes under (1) or (2) that those financial statements are, or reasonably might be, expected to be used by a third party. (See the following information.)


The practitioner should report when the practitioner submits to the client or others prospective financial statements the practitioner has assembled or assisted in assembling and also believes the prospective financial statements might be used by a third party.

This section also provides standards for a practitioner engaged to examine, compile, or apply agreed-upon procedures to partial presentations. (See the section “Definitions of Terms.”)

There are also several circumstances in which the pronouncement does not apply, as explained in the following paragraphs.

The Statement does not apply to a financial analysis of a potential project where the practitioner obtains the information, makes the assumptions, and assembles the presentation. ...

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