Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively.


Acid rock drainage (ARD), 445–446
Acid-soap, 293
Activators, 285–287
copper ions, 285–286
non-sulfide systems, 287
sodium sulfide, 286–287
Adaptive control, 65
Additive nature of variance, 41
Adsorptive bubble separation processes, 368
Advanced process control layer, 66–68
Advanced regulatory control (ARC) techniques, 64
Aerophilic, 267
Agglomeration, 385
Agglomeration–skin flotation, 368
Agro-mining, 4
AG/SAG mills, 163–164
Air dense medium fluidized bed (ADMFB) process, 241
Air distribution management, 310
Air flow number, 341–342
Air flow velocity, 341–342
Air jet sieving, 92
Air jigs, 241
Air rate, 306
Air rate profiling, 310
Air recovery, 300
Alluvial ...

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