Book description

Examining the technology's global development and deployment activities, WiMAX: A Wireless Technology Revolution presents its unique features and evaluates its revolutionary approach. The book covers the mission, product, and services of WiMAX, as well as specific features such as security and mobility. It discusses the implementation of the IEEE 802.16 standard and also explores how WiMax stacks up to 3G and 4G and the economic and opportunity costs. This reference also analyzes the future prospects of WiMAX and its contribution to the wireless and mobile communication technology field. It is a must-have resource for those who are either intrigued or involved with this standards-based technology.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface
  8. 1.    Introduction
    1. 802.16/HiperMAN Technology Specs
    2. WiMax Forum
    3. WiMAX Spectrum Owners Alliance
  9. 2.    Contemporary Wireless Technologies
    1. Wireless Technologies
      1. Modulation Techniques
      2. OFDM
      3. IEEE 802.11a/g OFDM
      4. Proprietary OFDM (pre-WiMAX)
      5. Frequency Division Duplexing
      6. Time Division Duplexing
      7. Wireless System Topologies
      8. Performance Elements of Wireless Communications
      9. Generations of Wireless Systems Based on Wireless Access Technologies
        1. The 1G Wireless Systems
        2. The 2G Wireless Systems
        3. 2.5G Wireless Systems
        4. 3G Systems
      10. Standardization Activities in IEEE [8–11]
        1. IEEE WG 802.11 (WLANs)
        2. IEEE WG 802.15 (Wireless PANs)
        3. IEEE WG 802.16 (Fixed BWA)
      11. The IEEE 802.20 Standard
    2. Wi-Fi
      1. The 802.11 Standard
      2. The 802.11 Architecture
      3. The Physical Layer (PHY)
      4. The Data-Link Layer (DLL)
      5. Security Technologies
        1. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2)
        2. Extended EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol)
        3. The 802.11i Standard
        4. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
        5. WMM QoS
        6. WMM Power Save
    3. WiBro
      1. WiBro Draws Interest
      2. Samsung Unveils First WiBro Mobile Handsets
      3. VNPT Considering WiBro Proposal
      4. WiBro, WiMAX Get Closer: Intel, LG Agree on Mobile Internet Compatibility
      5. Mobile WiMAX Gets Hearing at CES
      6. WiBro for the U.S. Military
      7. WiBro Bus
      8. WiBro Going to India
      9. The United States Adopts Samsung’s WiBro Technology
    4. WiMAX
    5. Analysis
  10. 3.    WiMAX — A Technology
    1. 802.16
      1. IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Systems
      2. IEEE 802.16a Extension
      3. IEEE 802.16b Extension: The WirelessHUMAN Initiative
      4. The MAC Layer
      5. MAC Layer Details
      6. Service-Specific Convergence Sublayers
      7. Common Part Sublayer
      8. MAC PDU Formats
        1. Transmission of MAC PDUs
        2. PHY Support and Frame Structure
        3. Radio Link Control
      9. Channel Acquisition
      10. Physical Layer
        1. 10–66 GHz
        2. 2–11 GHz
        3. Physical Layer Details
      11. Base and Subscriber Stations
      12. IEEE 802.16 MAC and Service Provisioning
        1. Implementation Challenges of the WiMAX MAC and QoS Models
      13. Scalability
      14. Portability
    2. Mobile WiMax
      1. Conformance Testing for Mobile WiMAX
      2. Next-Generation OFDM: OFDMA
      3. WiMAX Architecture
    3. Offering Premium Services Over WiMAX
    4. The Deployment Outlook
    5. Quality of Service (QoS)
      1. WiMAX QoS Architecture
    6. Security
  11. 4.    WiMAX Product Development Trends
    1. Range of WiMAX Hardware Is Expanding
    2. WiMAX Chip Has an Eye for Mobile Services
    3. InfiNet Wireless Announces 802.l6d/802.l6e WiMAX Design Win With picoChip
    4. Xilinx Announces Industry’s Most Comprehensive Suite of Programmable WiMAX Solutions
    5. Green Hills Software Adds WiMAX to Platform for Wireless Devices
    6. Vendors Preview FPGA-Based WiMAX Modem
    7. Wavesat Brings Mini-PCI to WiMAX
    8. Fetish Electric Car Goes WiMAX
    9. WiMAX Parabolic Dish Antennas
    10. picoChip and Wintegra Announce Partnership: New 802.16e Reference Design Provides Increased Flexibility and Performance for WiMAX BS
    11. picoChip and ETRI Sign Software Defined Radio Development Partnership for 3G and WiMAX
    12. picoChip First to Demo Advanced Features of WiMAX
    13. Nokia Makes First WiMAX Data Call
    14. Lucent’s Multimedia Access Platform Supports Integrated FTTX, WiMAX, and DSL Services
    15. JISP Announces OSS/BSS to Build Profitable WiMAX
    16. New PXI Modules from Aeroflex Address WLAN, WiMAX Applications
    17. Alvarion Launches Indoor WiMAX CPE Gear
    18. Foursome Converges to Deliver VoIP Over WiMAX
    19. Redline Introduces RedMAX Management Suite for WiMAX Networks
    20. Redline’s RedPATH Architecture Roadmap
    21. Samsung Planning GSM-WiMAX Phone
    22. RF Transceivers Support 802.16e WiMAX
    23. WiMAX Transceiver Cuts Equipment Down to Size
    24. WiMAX Is the Focus for Cree’s GaN HEMTs
    25. Flextronics Unveils WiMAX Signaling Solution
    26. New WiMAX Reference Library for CoWare Platform-driven ESL Design
    27. Motorola Continues MOTOwi4 Momentum, Advances WiMAX Adoption
    28. Motorola Showcases First Public Demo of 802.l6e-based MOTOwi4 WiMAX Solution
    29. ZyXel Announces WiMAX Products
    30. WiMAX Card for Windows
    31. Orthogon Systems Introduces Its Latest Fully WiMAX Solution, OS-Spectra Lite
    32. Intel’s WiMAX Chip
    33. Simulation Testbench Gives Green Light for Advanced WiMAX System Development
    34. Fujitsu’s WiMAX Work
    35. Fujitsu Expands BWA Line
    36. Wavesat’s Chip
    37. Freescale Broadens RF Power Transistor Options for WiMAX Base Stations
    38. Invenova’s Protocol Test and Analysis Systems Facilitate WiMAX Certification Testing at CETECOM Labs
    39. Wavesat and Taiwan-Based Delta Networks Develop Low-Cost WiMAX CPE
    40. Signal-Creation Software Serves Mobile WiMAX, WiBro
    41. Azonic Systems Unveils WiMAX-Compliant Products
    42. picoChip Integrates ArrayComm’s Network MIMO Software for WiMAX
    43. Atmel Launches 3.5-GHz Chip Line for WiMAX
    44. ST Unveils WiMAX Modem Solution
    45. Airspan Demonstrates Its Low-Cost, “Pay-as-You-Grow” WiMAX Base Station
    46. Airspan Announces First Mobile WiMAX Device
    47. Pactolus SIPware VoIP Deployed Via Satellite and WiMAX by Sawtel
    48. Alvarion Extends Its BreezeMAX Solution to New Frequencies
    49. Siemens Releases WiMAX Modem
    50. CompactFlash Card WiMAX
    51. GaAs Switches Handle High Power for WiMAX
    52. Texas Instruments Announces WiMAX Portfolio
    53. TI Teams with Design Company on WiMAX
    54. Proxim Announces WiMAX Family
    55. Nortel Bolsters WiMAX Position with Portfolio Enhancements, New Customers
    56. Alvarion Mobile WiMAX Solution, 4Motion, Targeted for Multiple Markets
    57. Alvarion Gives a Peek into Mobile VoIP Future
    58. Morpho Readies Mobile WiMAX Chip Design
    59. Network Evolution with Alcatel 9500 MXC
    60. Telsima Launches Complete WiMAX Solution
    61. Solar-Powered Streetlights That Deliver Wi-Fi and WiMAX Access Being Tested
    62. Azimuth Announces New Wi-Fi and WiMAX Testing Products
    63. Wavesat and Sanmina-SCI Announce Agreement to Bring WiMAX Mini-PCI to Market
    64. RF Power Detector Handles Wi-Fi, WiMAX Applications
    65. Adaptive WiMAX Antenna Shown Off
    66. TeleCIS Wireless Introduces WiMAX 802.16-2004 SoC Chip
    67. Axxcelera Broadband Wireless Announces WiMAX Certification of Full Duplex FDD CPE
    68. Handheld Analyzer Offers Fixed WiMAX Test Options
    69. Mobile WiMAX: Rosedale 2
    70. Wireless-Enabled Train
    71. LCC Delivers on Its Business Tools Strategy with WiView, a Dynamic Web-Based WiMAX Network Dimensioning Tool
    72. Redline and MARAC Showcase Redline’s Indoor “User-Install” WiMAX CPE
    73. Rohde & Schwarz Adds WiMAX Measurement Solutions
    74. Sequans and Mitac Bring WiMAX End-User Device to Market
    75. Intel Wows with Dual-Mode WiMAX Chip
    76. Virgin Trains May Opt for WiMAX
    77. Alvarion’s BreezeMAX Streams Multimedia Content to Multiple WiMAX Devices Using 802.16e Technology
    78. Wavesat and TI Working on WiMAX Access Card
    79. Accton Introduces Low-Cost Mobile WiMAX CPE
    80. Nokia Introduces Its Flexi WiMAX BS
    81. Analog Devices Introduces Series of Clock Generators for WiMAX BSs and Other Telecom Applications
    82. Intel Ships Next-Generation WiMAX Chip
    83. D-Link Announces WiMAX 802.16-2005 Router
    84. Mobile WiMAX Solution Rolls for AWR’s VSS Suite
    85. Spirent Introduces WiMAX Testing
    86. MIMO Powers Nortel’s WiMAX Portfolio
    87. HCL Successfully Integrates HCL WI-Express Solution
    88. Alvarion Enables Voice Services Over WiMAX with BreezeMAX
    89. VeriSign Chosen to Secure All WiMAX Devices
    90. NexTek Launches Lightning Protection for Wi-Fi/WiMAX
    91. Xilinx, AXIS Debut W-CDMA, WiMAX Integrated Radio Card Platform
    92. Quad-MAC CEVA-X1641 DSP Core Targets WiMAX, 3G, Multimedia
    93. EION Wireless Launches Libra MAX
    94. Production-Ready WiMAX CPE Design Runs Linux
    95. Samsung Unveils Wireless Communication Device
    96. Samsung’s SPH-8100 WinMo Pocket PC with Mobile WiMAX, IMS, and DMB
    97. Redline Features WiMAX-Wi-Fi Mesh Network Solution
    98. Integrated Tester Checks the WiMAX PHY Layer
    99. WiMAX Requires Dedicated RF Test Routines
    100. Aperto Debuts Chassis to Support Both WiMAX Flavors
    101. Agilent Technologies Showcases WiMAX Test and Measurement Performance
    102. Identity Systems Integrated into IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Networks
    103. Intel Shows WiMAX, Wi-Fi, Cell Chip with MIMO
    104. Intel Completes Design of Mobile WiMAX Chip
    105. New WiMAX Test and Measurement Solution
    106. RFMD Introduces GaN PAs for WCDMA, WiMAX, and Public Mobile Radio
    107. Lattice Ports TurboConcept WiMAX IP to FPGAs
    108. Sequans Eyes Verisilicon’s Zsp540 Processor for WiMAX Products
    109. WiMAX Test Set Finds and Solves Design Problems
    110. Tektronix Provides World’s Most Powerful WiMAX R&D Test Set
    111. Beceem Introduces Industry’s First Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 Terminal Chipset
    112. LG Readies Mobile WiMAX Devices for Launch
    113. Jacket Micro: Market’s First Complete Mobile WiMAX RF Front-End Module
    114. iRiver Preps WiMAX UMPC
    115. LG Unveils New WiMAX Communicator
    116. Aeroflex Measures WiMAX
    117. Celestica Joins Freescale and Wavesat to Offer Production-Ready WiMAX Reference Design
    118. SkyCross Launches New Antenna Products Supporting WiMAX
    119. Alvarion Uses Wintegra Solutions for WiMAX Products
    120. Intel Ships Next-Generation WiMAX Chip with Support for Mobile Networks
    121. WiMAX Analyzer
    122. Xilinx Releases Integrated Radio Card Platform WiMAX and W-CDMA
  12. 5.    WiMAX Deployment Trends
    1. Intel-Based WiMAX Deployments Begin
    2. Telabria Launches WiMAX-Class Broadband Service for Data and Voice: Skylink Wireless Network Delivers Symmetric Speeds to 10    Mbps for Residential and Business Customers in Southeast United Kingdom
    3. Tellus Venture Associates Completes WiMAX Feasibility Study for City of Folsom, California: Pilot Project Approved for Implementation
    4. Siemens to Deliver WiMAX Network for First Commercial Broadband Wireless Access Network in Russia
    5. Simply Broadband Ltd. Selects Allgon Microwave for WiMAX Backhaul
    6. A Hundred People to Try WiMAX for BT Belfast and Birmingham
    7. NTT Plans WiMAX Tests
    8. Aspen Communications Hopes to Deploy WiMAX to 36 Buildings in Dallas and Offer the Technology to Wireless Broadband Service Providers
    9. Finnet Group Operators Building WiMAX Network
    10. Airspan Delivers First Commercial WiMAX Network to Be Built in Russia
    11. Start Telecom and Alcatel to Test WiMAX in Russia
    12. Xanadoo Wireless High-Speed Internet Service Launched with Navini Networks: Multiple Premobile WiMAX Deployments Planned throughout Texas
    13. African Broadband Provider Expands Network with Alvarion’s WiMAX System
    14. KDDI Has Successfully Completed Field Trials of Japan’s First Mobile WiMAX System in Central Osaka
    15. Crowley Data to Launch WiMAX
    16. True Employs WiMAX in Broadband Growth Strategy
    17. Aperto Sets Up WiMAX Center in India
    18. TVA, Samsung Start WiMAX Tests
    19. Intel Goes WiMAX in Saudi Arabia
    20. Axtel Orders WiMAX Equipment for 17-City Expansion
    21. BSNL Launches WiMAX Trial
    22. WiMAX Deployment in China
    23. WiMAX Trials in United Kingdom
    24. Irish Broadband Expands Its Network Using Alvarion WiMAX and Broadband Wireless Systems
    25. Duo Focuses on WiMAX
    26. American Packet Solutions Provider Verso Technologies Has Completed a Trial of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telephony on a WiMAX Platform
    27. Airnet Deploys WiMAX Networks
    28. NEW Energie and Nortel Complete WiMAX Trial
    29. Airspan Claims First Aussie WiMAX Deployment
    30. Wagga to Get WiMAX Trial
    31. Synterra Launches Moscow’s First Commercial WiMAX Service
    32. Intel Invests in U.K. WiMAX Venture
    33. Telecom Cook Islands Ups Internet Speeds, Plans WiMAX Tests
    34. Bell Canada and Rogers Launch WiMAX Service
    35. Intel, Suburban Telecom Sign MOU
    36. Intel Bets on Brazil
    37. Samsung Invests $20 Million in WiMAX Startup
    38. Airspan Successfully Completes WiMAX Demonstration in Sri Lanka
    39. WiMAX Trial Slated for Auckland
    40. Globetel to Install WiMAX Network in 30 Russian Cities
    41. Clearwire Launches VoIP over Its WiMAX Network
    42. Plans Announced for North America’s Commercial Mobile WiMAX Deployment
    43. TFN Sets Up Largest Experimental WiMAX Network in Taiwan
    44. Russia’s Enforta to Invest $50 Million in WiMAX Networks
    45. Pacnet, Intel to Trial WiMAX in Singapore
    46. Siemens Installs First WiMAX Network in Latin America
    47. Turbonet Deploys Aperto Solution for WiMAX in Turkey
    48. Chunghwa Telecom Launches First WiMAX Network in Taiwan with Redline’s RedMAX Products
    49. Yozan Conducts WiMAX Feasibility Test in Hokuriku Region of Japan
    50. Deutsche Breitband Dienste Deploys Airspan’s AS.MAX Products in Germany
    51. MTI Wireless Edge to Exhibit WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and RFID, ETSI-Compliant Flat Panel Antenna Solutions
    52. Plain Sailing at WiMAX Telecom
    53. Intel’s WiMAX Debuts at Sundance
    54. Samsung Invests in WiMAX Chip Developer
    55. Venezuela Gets Mobile WiMAX Technology from Samsung
    56. Bangalore-Based Sloka Telecom Makes Low-Cost WiMAX and 3G Equipment
    57. Nigeria: NetnearU Partners Intel on WiMAX Deployment
    58. NTC Allocates WiMAX Spectrums in Thailand
    59. Mobile WiMAX Deployment Gets Under Way in Puerto Rico
    60. Fujitsu Unveils WiMAX Strategy Encompassing Silicon, Systems, and Services
    61. Navini Supplies WiMAX in Sweden
    62. Aircel Launches WiMAX
    63. Urban WiMAX Plans London Launch
    64. WiMAX in the United Kingdom
    65. Nortel Tests Uplink Collaborative MIMO 4G WiMAX Technology
    66. Microsense to Offer WiMAX Solutions
    67. DSat Providers Consider WiMAX Return Path
    68. Inukshuk Announces Availability of National Wireless Broadband Network
    69. Austar and SP Telemedia for Rural WiMAX
    70. BellSouth to Unveil Add-Ons for Wireless Broadband
    71. Iliad’s IFW Unit to Offer WiMAX Access to Free Users
    72. Aperto Raises $26 Million for Its WiMAX Systems
    73. Milwaukee Schools Tap WiMAX for Families
    74. WiMAX to Be Launched in Belarus
    75. ADC, Aperto Team for Worldwide WiMAX
    76. Alcatel, Samsung Team on WiMAX
    77. Wireless Provider Alvarion Targets Africa
    78. Southern Europe Set to Receive First Premobile WiMAX Commercial Network
    79. Telsima’s Indian Dream
    80. Russia’s Sibirtelecom Launches Pilot WiMAX in Three Cities
    81. WiMAX Pilot Planned for Cyberjaya
    82. Bermuda to Benefit from WiMAX Deployment
    83. SAMSUNG Commercializes WiMAX Service in the Croatian Market
    84. PeterStar Launches WiMAX Campaign
    85. Abu Dhabi’s Wateen Teams Up with Motorola
    86. SR Telecom Expands WiMAX Distribution Network
    87. WiMAX in Porto Alegre
    88. AT&T Goes beyond Convergence
    89. BellSouth Expands Georgia WiMAX Service
    90. Company Launches WiMAX Service in Uganda
    91. Mexican Axtel to Invest $150 Million after Intel Deal
    92. ITC Starts Saudi WiMAX Delivery
    93. Greece’s Intracom in Cooperation Agreement with U.S. Axxcelera Broadband
    94. Payless Communication Holdings Inc. Targets Acquisitions for Wireless VoIP over Wi-Fi and WiMAX
    95. Pactolus Drives WiMAX-Delivered VoIP Carrier Services
    96. Redline’s WiMAX Products Chosen for Major Broadband Network in Saudi Arabia
    97. VIA NET.WORKS Starts Operations in Zurich and Geneva
    98. Networkplus Offers Islandwide WiMAX Coverage
    99. BellSouth Offers WiMAX to Ravaged Gulf Coast
    100. Alcatel to Deliver WiMAX Network to Netia for Broadband Wireless Access in Poland
    101. Airspan Announces Completion of Large Connectivity Project in the Dominican Republic
    102. Digicel Ramps Up Caribbean Services, Plans WiMAX Expansion
    103. KT and Alcatel to Partner on Mobile WiMAX
    104. Nortel to Build WiMAX Network in Canada
    105. Natcom Tests WiMAX in Auckland
    106. VCom Signs Major WiMAX Agreement with MRO-TEK to Supply Wireless Broadband Equipment Across India
    107. Sydney to Get Business WiMAX Network
    108. WiMAX Network Planned for Finland
    109. Sprint Casts Its Lot with WiMAX
    110. Fujitsu Unveils Mobile WiMAX SoC Solution
    111. Poland’s Netia Selects Alvarion’s Broadband Solution
    112. Ultranet2go Spreads WiMAX across Mexico
    113. Redline’s RedMAX™ Products Chosen for First WiMAX Network in Northern Pakistan
    114. India Designates WiMAX Frequencies
    115. Racsa: WiMAX to Launch in Costa Rica
    116. Nortel Powers Commercial WiMAX Network
    117. WiMAX Ready to Go National in the United States
    118. Entel Launches Chile’s First Commercial WiMAX Network
    119. Softbank and Motorola Ink WiMAX Deal
    120. C & W Testing WiMAX
    121. Kingdom of Tonga to Offer WiMAX through Alvarion Platform
    122. Paper: Orbitel to Install 30 WiMAX BSs
    123. Vietnam’s First WiMAX Service to Be Tested in October
    124. Ertach Expands WiMAX Networks
    125. Freescale, Wavesat Partner on WiMAX CPEs
    126. Intel and NDS to Collaborate on Protected WiMAX-Based TV Multicast
    127. Angkor Net Launches WiMAX in Cambodia
    128. Telsima Wireless Solutions Attain WiMAX Forum Compliance
    129. Alvarion Launches Mobile WiMAX for United States
    130. Alcatel to Build First WiMAX Network in Estonia with Elion, a TeliaSonera Subsidiary
    131. Wavesat, Siemens Collaborate on WiMAX Platforms
    132. Airspan Announces Addition of 5.8-GHz Frequency Band to Its MicroMAX BS Product
    133. Nortel Teams Up with Runcom to Deliver MIMO-Powered Mobile WiMAX Technology
    134. Du Runs WiMAX Tests before Its Year-End Launch
    135. Comstar UTS Eyes WiMAX
    136. Samsung Sets Out Plans for WiMAX Worldwide
    137. FPGAs Address Emerging WiMAX Market Requirements
    138. Air Broadband to Use Fujitsu WiMAX SoC
    139. Forty Kilometers with WiMAX — New Transmission Record in Wireless Broadband Internet over Water
    140. RF Transistors Meet WiMAX BS Demands
    141. Indonesia Gets National WiMAX Network
    142. Singapore Plans to Make Itself a Mega Wi-Fi Hot Spot
    143. Unwired, Mitsui Cooperate on Global WiMAX
    144. WiMAX Boxes Hit New Zealand
    145. Redline System to Be Used for WiMAX Deployment on Oil Rigs in Gulf of Mexico
    146. Hopping Aboard the Mobile WiMAX Bus
    147. Carrier-Class WiMAX Solution
    148. Mobile WiMAX Goes Mini
    149. Intel Installs Wireless WiMAX Internet in Amazon Island City
    150. Implementing WiMAX Using a Software-Configurable Processor
    151. MobiTV to Demo HD via WiMAX
    152. First WiMAX Transmission in Latin America
    153. Motorola to Develop Mobile WiMAX Chipsets
    154. Taiwan Market: NCC Finalizes WiMAX License Plan
    155. Airspan’s WiMAX VoIP Testing Successful
    156. German WiMAX Pilot Successful
    157. Algeria Becomes the Arab World’s WiMAX Pioneer
    158. Chunghwa Combines Wi-Fi and WiMAX
    159. WiMAX Interest from Over a Dozen Companies in Sri Lanka, Reports Regulator
    160. WiMAX Products Hit U.S. Market
    161. APERTO Unveils WiMAX Solutions Ecosystem
    162. Comsys Presents Mobile WiMAX/Cellular Convergence
    163. Nokia Bets Big on Mobile WiMAX Tech
    164. Intel Merging Wi-Fi with WiMAX
    165. Eighty-One-Percent of WiMAX Networks Built with Alvarion Equipment According to Sky Light Research
    166. France-Based Maxtel Offers Affordable “AnyMAX” WiMAX System
    167. Heathrow Express Gets WiMAX Access
    168. Web Access in Cars Hits the Road
    169. Towerstream Offers High-Availability Pre-WiMAX Solution to Boston Businesses
    170. Alcatel, C-DOT Open WiMAX Reality Center
    171. Chennai Goes WiMAX
    172. Wavesat Receives Strategic Investment from SK Telecom
    173. WiMAX Broadband Debuts in Wellington
    174. Baramati Pilots Intel’s WiMAX
    175. Samsung and TVA to Bring Mobile WiMAX Service to Brazil
    176. More WiMAX for SA
    177. Windows Mobile to Gain Plug-and-Play WiMAX
    178. TVCable Chooses Airspan for WiMAX Expansion
    179. Brasil Telecom Plans Mobile WiMAX Network
    180. Aperto Unveils Mobile WiMAX Strategy
    181. VSNL Hopes to Launch WIMAX
    182. Australia Deploys Commercial WiMAX
    183. Alcatel and ACCA to Expand 802.16e WiMAX Trials to Urban Areas in Japan
    184. WiMAX Service Comes to Chicago
    185. WiMAX Blows into Nevada
    186. Siemens to Supply Equipment for WiMAX Network in Ryazan
    187. Clearwire Unwires Seattle as WiMAX Gains Steam
    188. TW-Airnet Deploys Airspan MicroMAX Network in Taiwan and Planning for MultiCity Deployment of WiMAX
    189. Proxim Wireless Tsunami Product Line Deployed to Support Africa’s Malawi Interbank MalSwitch Initiative
    190. IRAQTEL Selects Redline to Establish Iraq’s First WiMAX Network
    191. Urban WiMAX to Raise £35 Million to Fund Expansion of U.K. Network
    192. Middle East Sees Another Mobile WiMAX Trial in Lebanon
    193. Alcatel to Make First Latin America WiMAX Deployments
    194. Airspan Selects Wavecall for Fixed and Mobile WiMAX Network Deployments
    195. Intel Unveils WiMAX Network in Rural Egypt
    196. Germany WiMAX Licenses Awarded
    197. India’s First Certified WiMAX Network Deployed
    198. Alvarion Unveils Converged WiMAX Wi-Fi Solution
    199. WiMAX @ Fiji
    200. Max Telecom Selects Proxim Wireless for WiMAX Equipment
    201. Nortel Expands WiMAX, Ethernet Reach
    202. Agni to Roll Out Dhaka WiMAX Network Based on Motorola System
    203. Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Partner with Clearwire to Provide WiMAX-Based Wireless Broadband
    204. Oki, Huawei to Collaborate on Mobile WiMAX
    205. Intel Demonstrates WiMAX Connection 2300 for Laptops
    206. India to Enter Broadband, WiMAX Manufacturing
    207. Siminn to Launch Iceland’s First WiMAX Network
    208. Viettel to Test WiMAX
    209. Maxis Selects Alcatel for WiMAX Field Trial
    210. Buzz Technologies Signs Wi-Fi/WiMAX Agreement with Thai Military for Wireless ISP Services
    211. Fujitsu Bets Big on WiMAX
    212. Alvarion Concentrates on WiMAX
    213. picoChip Engineering Center Builds WiMAX Chipsets for Chinese Broadband Wireless Alliances
    214. Alcatel Taps Sequans to Develop Low-Cost WiMAX CPE
    215. Network Equipment Makers Eye Mobile WiMAX Products in 2007
    216. India’s BSNL Pairs with Intel on WiMAX
    217. Fitel Tests WiMAX
    218. Sumitomo Electric Networks Elects Starent Networks Mobile WiMAX Access Solution
    219. Redline Introduces WiMAX Products
    220. Radio Makes Room for WiMAX
    221. Synterra Takes WiMAX to Kursk
    222. WiMAX Takes Wings in India
    223. WiMAX in Formula One Cars
  13. 6.    WiMAX — A Revolution
    1. Worldwide Telecommunications and Communications Markets at $197.6 Billion in 2005 Are Anticipated to Reach $446.9 Billion by 2010
    2. The Promise of WiMAX Long-Range Wireless
    3. WiMAX Set to Usher in the New Era of Wireless Broadband
    4. WiMAX Adoption to Rise, DSL to Gain Ground
    5. Sprint Says WiMAX is 4G
    6. WiMAX Challenges 3G
    7. WiMAX Market Projections
    8. Over 200 Operators Planning WiMAX Deployments
    9. Service Providers’ Challenges and Expectations Regarding Fixed WiMAX
    10. Mass Adoption of WiMAX Is Possible in Developing Countries with Minimal Infrastructure
    11. Wi-Fi–WiMAX Mesh Solution Benefits
    12. NextWeb and QRA Survey Pre-WiMAX Service Users: Customers Indicate Solid Approval of Fixed Wireless Service
    13. WiMAX Future in Balance, Claims Report from OECD
    14. Muni Wi-Fi/WiMAX Great for Gaming
    15. World of Warcraft Will Break 20 Million Subscribers
    16. Asia-Pacific to Represent Majority of WiMAX Market
    17. WiMAX Said to Complement Wi-Fi, 3G
    18. WiMAX Market Opportunity
    19. WiMAX Vendors Look to Mobility
    20. WiMAX Important to Cellular Operators
    21. WiMAX to Be Used by 7 Million in 2009
    22. Survey Reveals Predictions for Breakthrough WiMAX Applications and Keys to Adoption
    23. WiMAX Fever Intensifies
    24. WiMAX Spectrum More Economical than 3G
    25. New Products and Key Deployments Accelerating WiMAX Growth
    26. WiMAX Opens Range of Design Options
    27. The Future Is Bright for Mobile WiMAX
    28. Wireless Data’s Future? 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX Combo
    29. WiMAX Poised for Global Domination
    30. WiMAX — the Catalyst for Broadband Wireless Access in Asia-Pacific
    31. WiMAX Equipment Sales Up 48 Percent in 1Q 2006
    32. Fixed WiMAX to Shrink
    33. WiMAX Gains Momentum, Competes with DSL
    34. Study: WiMAX to Control Broadband Wireless
    35. Asia-Pacific to Hold 44 Percent of WiMAX Market by 2009
    36. WiMAX Gets Real
    37. Schools Give WiMAX and Wi-Fi Top Marks
    38. WiMAX Chipset Market Faces Much Uncertainty, Says In-Stat
    39. Report Says Telecoms Are Primed for Major Rollouts of WiMAX
    40. RNCOS Research: WiMAX to Constitute a Major Share of Wireless Broadband Market
    41. Wi-Fi to Hold Its Own against WiMAX “Past 2009”
    42. Mobile WiMAX Adoption Will Lag behind Fixed
    43. WiMAX Equipment Tops $142 Million in 2005, Surging to $1.6 Billion in 2009
      1. Market Highlights
    44. Mobile and Fixed WiMAX to Overshadow Fixed-only 802.16-2004 WiMAX by 2010
    45. Over 750,000 BWA/WiMAX Subscribers in Brazil by 2010 — Report
    46. New Developments Boost WiMAX Growth
    47. BT — WiMAX to Go Rural FIRST
    48. WiMAX Subscribers to Reach 13 Million in India by 2012
    49. Report: Equipment Units Falling behind WiMAX Growth
    50. Broadband Internet Access Market Expanding
      1. Russian Wireless Broadband Market Up 61 Percent Since January
    51. IEK: Taiwan WiMAX Industry to Generate NT$110 Billion by 2012
    52. MobiTV Backs WiMAX
    53. Pushing Past Trials, WiMAX Footprint Grows
    54. WiMAX Attracts Giants
    55. WiMAX Cell Phones Edge Closer to Reality
    56. WiMAX Interest Soars in Japan
    57. WiMAX Spectrum Owners Launch WiSOA
    58. WiMAX Trial Performance Exceeds Expectations, Pipex Wireless
    59. Fixed WiMAX Sales to Peak in 2007: Mobile WiMAX to Kick Off Deployment
    60. WiMAX Equipment Market to Exceed $2 Billion by 2009
    61. WiMAX — The Best Personal Broadband Experience
    62. Fifteen Million WiMAX Users by 2009
    63. WiMAX Rollouts
    64. WiMAX Poised for Big Growth, Says Semico Research
    65. WiMAX Boom in Latin America
      1. Brazil
      2. Argentina, Chile, and Colombia
    66. Steady Growth Forecast for WiMAX
    67. Vendors Begin to Introduce WiMAX Infrastructure Gear
    68. Yankee Group: Standards Vital for Mobile WiMAX Adoption Will Become Reality in 2008
      1. (802.16e) Opportunities [53]
      2. (802.16e) Challenge [53]
    69. Lack of Telecom Infrastructure Drives WiMAX Adoption in Asia-Pacific: Report
    70. WiMAX Edges into the Mainstream
    71. There Will Be Few Opportunities for WiMAX Operators to Make Strong Financial Returns: Analysys
    72. Motorola CTO Bets on WiMAX to Connect the “Disconnected”
    73. Mobile WiMAX: Back to Basics
    74. Corporate End Users to Represent the WiMAX “Sweet Spot”
    75. If WiMAX Can Gain a Loyal Customer Base with Revenue Projections, the Cellular Companies Will Merger Quickly with Them: Face-Off — 4G versus WiMAX versus Wi-Fi
    76. WiMAX IPOs on the Horizon
    77. WiMAX for Rural America
    78. WiMAX, the Future of Wireless Networks
    79. 2007    Will Be the Year of WiMAX
    80. It May Well Be WiMAX versus 3G: Frost & Sullivan
    81. Users and Vendors Make WiMAX Plans
    82. WiMAX Is the Bell of the Wireless Ball
    83. Gemtek Expects WiMAX CPE Shipments to Top One Million Units in 2007
    84. WiMAX Poised for Rapid Growth Despite Major Challenges, Says In-Stat
    85. Mobile WiMAX: Brazil and China
    86. WiMAX Climax
    87. WiMAX to Trail Mobile Broadband Market by 2010
    88. Cellular versus Wireless Broadband in Asia-Pacific
    89. WiMAX Considered by 75 Percent of Operators
    90. 3G Rival WiMAX Promises Much: Will It Deliver?
    91. WiMAX to Benefit the Broadband Disenfranchised
    92. Will WiMAX Be the Basis for 4G?
    93. Why WiMAX for Developing Countries?
    94. WiMAX: The Promise of the Future
    95. Waiting for WiMAX
    96. How Can New Network Operators and Service Providers Maximize the Chance of Success of WiMAX Services?
    97. WiMAX and Its Future Importance
    98. WiMAX Cost and Performance
    99. WiMAX: Worth Banking On
    100. Mobile WiMAX Technology Set to Make Huge Gains in the Years to Come
    101. Can WiMAX Challenge 3G?
    102. WiMAX in Asia
    103. WiMAX May Challenge Asia 3G in Five Years
    104. Research Report Presents the Best Business Case for WiMAX
    105. Cellular Base Station Silicon Makers Face WiMAX and Other Challenges
    106. The Future as Samsung Sees It: 4G Is WiMAX
    107. WiMAX Applications
      1. IBM and Alvarion to Deliver Wireless and WiMAX for Public Safety
      2. WiMAX Promises to Help Narrow “Digital Divide”
      3. WiMAX Connects Rural India to the Global Village
      4. How IT Is Changing Rural India
      5. India: A Major Market for WiMAX Technology
      6. WiMAX: India’s Answer to Spectrum Problems and Rural Connectivity
      7. Latin America: First Great Battleground for WiMAX
      8. Nigeria: WiMAX — Technology for Cheaper Internet Access
      9. A Feasibility Study of WiMAX Implementation at Dwesa-Cwebe Rural Areas of Eastern Cape of South Africa
  14. Index

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