The third pillar in the BASP framework is to execute the analytics implementation well. By this, we mean how the information-based business analytics solutions are developed and provided to the enterprise. This pillar is obviously broad and complex. However, the most important point for success with this pillar is to start with the end in mind. How will your solutions be used by your customers, and what actions do you hope they will take? This requires you to have a relentless focus on the customer and make sure to keep the end-user experience in mind. Start by imagining how your internal customers, whomever they may be (for example, marketing leaders, sales people, service reps, and so on), might leverage the business analytics information or tools you will provide in support of addressing the business questions.

Putting yourself and your business analytics team into the mind and understanding of the end customer must become your personal challenge, in order for you to be successful. For example, you really need to picture and map the process of how end users will be using the solution from the business analytics function and how you want the entire company to be affected. At this stage, it’s also important to coalesce these positive outcomes into a cohesive, unified vision that’s more than a business case. It’s also a mission statement, a challenge to develop a solution that will improve the world of work for your end users and increase your company’s ...

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