As a leader in your organization, you will need to develop a strategic plan about what your VOC program looks like and how to incorporate this VOC system into the enterprise so that it can be effective. Customer research in some companies is very tactical and simply means going from one research project to another. In such a scenario, the results obtained from a specific effort will get used by the team that sponsored the research in helping with the particular decision it was designed to address and then will be put away and forgotten. There is no sharing of the findings among other groups across the company, and no accumulated learning was being managed. This is not effective from a strategic perspective, because there is tremendous waste in such an approach; learning is not leveraged across the organization, duplication of efforts may occur, and no collective knowledge base gets built.

One way that many organizations have approached the concept of an efficient and effective VOC program is by creating a central customer research and insights team that serves the enterprise as a center of excellence. This team is responsible for, and manages, all customer experience and customer feedback efforts across the company. VOC professionals design the strategy for VOC, in collaboration with other functional team members. Ideally, learning is integrated across the various research studies and shared across functional teams, regardless of where the ...

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