Digital analytics tools are obviously very important to any digital analytics program. Tools, technology, the IT resources, the administrators, and the configures of tools are all essential to digital analytics. Yet alone, all of these things are insufficient for value generation with digital analytics. People, process, and leadership are all as important as the tools and technology supporting them. Tools are various, and the options for digital data collection, reporting, and even analysis are all advancing daily, release after release. The landscape from digital analytics vendors is all about multichannel—whether providing software that is run by IT teams on premises or “in the cloud” as SaaS (software as a service) or from third-party data vendors (such as audience measurement or risk-management firms).

The idea of multichannel means that data exists across more than one channel. In traditional media, a channel would be TV, radio, billboard, and magazines. In digital media, a channel would be paid search (SEM), organic search (SEO), display advertising, QR codes, or hyper local mobile campaign or social media campaign. The best tool vendors aspire to be able to bring together all of these data, organize it, and allow for querying and reporting and the application of advanced statistical techniques that can predict the future (indeed, see Chapter 10 on “Winning with Predictive Analytics”). By moving all of these data from where they exist to databases, ...

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