1.1. One Hundred and Twenty-One Questions About Windows 2000 and 98

Many programmers coming to Windows 2000 and Windows 98 have questions about it. This section contains 121 of the most common system- programming questions, and information about where to look to find the answers. Use this list as a map for the rest of the book. These questions start with the most common and move toward the exotic.

1.1.1. General

1How do I compile code on a Windows system? See Section 1.2 and Appendix A.
2What are objects and handles? Why do they exist? See Section 1.5.
3Why do there seem to be so many bugs in the 32-bit API? See Section 1.7.

1.1.2. File Operations

4How do I read from and write to a file? See Sections 2.3 and 2.7.
5How do I read and write a large ...

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