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Windows 10 Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Book Description

Make the most of your new Windows 10 device–without becoming a technical expert! This book is the fastest way to take control of Windows 10, and use it to create, connect, and discoversimplify and organize your whole life…learn more, play more, do more, live better! This book shows you how to do what you want, the way you want, one incredibly clear and easy step at a time. Windows has never, ever been this simple!

This is the easiest, most practical beginner’s guide to using your new Windows 10 desktop, notebook, or tablet…simple, reliable instructions for doing everything you really want to do! Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Run Windows the way that’s easiest for you: mouse, touch, or keyboard

  • Make the most of the Charms Bar and other new shortcuts

  • Retrieve up-to-the-minute news, sports, weather, and financial data

  • Set up your home network, printer, and other devices

  • Safeguard your personal information and keep it private

  • Enjoy all your digital photos, videos, movies, and music

  • Easily connect with anyone through email and the People app

  • Discover and play new Windows 10 games

  • Control your Xbox from Windows with Xbox® SmartGlass™

  • Manage even the most gigantic collections of data and media

  • Automatically back up your data to the cloud

  • Fix problems, protect against malware, and keep Windows working reliably

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication
    5. Contents at a Glance
    6. Table of Contents
    7. About the Author
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Introduction
      1. What Is an Absolute Beginner?
      2. How This Book Is Organized
      3. Special Bonus Content Online
      4. Conventions Used in This Book
        1. Selects and Selecting
        2. Special Elements
      5. Let Me Know What You Think
    12. Part I: Getting Started
      1. 1. Meet Windows 10
        1. What’s New in Windows 10
        2. Starting Up Windows
          1. Signing In with an Existing Microsoft or Local Account
          2. Signing In to a New Windows 10 Device
        3. Introducing the Start Menu
          1. Displaying All Apps
          2. Pinning an Application to the Start Menu
          3. Seeing Tiles That Are Offscreen
        4. Using the Getting Started App
        5. Exiting Windows
          1. Signing Out of Windows 10
          2. Locking Windows 10
          3. Putting Windows 10 to Sleep
          4. Shutting Down Your Windows 10 Computer
      2. 2. Interacting with Windows
        1. Getting to Know the Windows 10 Interfaces
          1. Working with Continuum and Tablet Mode
          2. Using the Mouse in Windows 10
          3. Using the Keyboard in Windows 10
          4. Using Touch in Windows 10
          5. Using the Touch Keyboard
        2. Using Controls
          1. Window
          2. Button
          3. Text Box
          4. Check Box
          5. Switch
          6. Drop-Down List
          7. Combo Drop-Down List
          8. Hamburger Menus
      3. 3. Optimizing the Start Menu
        1. Organizing All Those Tiles
          1. Accessing the Context Menu of a Tile
          2. Making a Tile Bigger or Smaller
          3. Controlling Live Tiles
          4. Moving a Tile
          5. Show More Tiles
        2. Personalizing Tile Groups
          1. Creating a Tile Group
          2. Moving Tile Groups
          3. Naming a Tile Group
        3. Organizing the Navigation Menu of the Start Menu
      4. 4. Introducing Windows Apps
        1. Learning About Windows Apps
        2. Shopping at the Windows Store
          1. Purchasing an App
          2. Managing Your Windows Store Purchases
        3. Uninstalling Apps
      5. 5. Working with Windows Apps
        1. Running Windows Store Apps
          1. Starting a Windows Store App
          2. Stopping a Windows 10 App
          3. Using Common Windows App Menu Tools
        2. Managing Windows Apps
          1. Choosing Default Apps
          2. Managing Storage Options for Windows Apps
      6. 6. Finding Your Way Around the Windows Desktop
        1. Introducing the Desktop
          1. Using the Desktop in Desktop Mode
          2. Using the Desktop in Tablet Mode
        2. Using Task View
        3. Working with the Taskbar
          1. Using the Action Center
          2. Customizing the Taskbar
          3. Working with Applications from the Taskbar
        4. Keeping the Desktop Organized
          1. Arranging the Desktop
      7. 7. Working with Windows Desktop Applications
        1. Introducing Desktop Applications
        2. Working with Desktop Applications
          1. Starting Desktop Applications
          2. Using Run as Administrator
          3. Pinning Desktop Applications to the Taskbar
          4. Saving Shortcuts for Desktop Applications to the Desktop
          5. Exiting Desktop Programs
        3. Working with Windows
        4. Installing and Removing Programs
          1. Installing Programs
          2. Removing Windows Programs
    13. Part II: Customizing Your Windows 10 Computer
      1. 8. Tweaking Windows to Reflect Your Personality
        1. Personalize Windows
          1. Personalizing the Desktop Background
          2. Changing the Color Scheme
          3. Customizing the Lock Screen
          4. Modifying the Theme
          5. Personalizing Your Account Picture
          6. Syncing Your Account Settings
      2. 9. Using Search and Cortana
        1. Using Windows Search
          1. Configuring Search
        2. Getting to Know Cortana
          1. Setting Up Cortana
          2. Using Cortana
          3. Managing Cortana
      3. 10. Configuring Input Device Settings
        1. The Control Panel or PC Settings?
        2. Setting Up Your Mouse or Touchpad
          1. Mouse Settings
          2. Touchpad Settings
        3. Setting Up Your Keyboard
          1. Changing Keyboard Settings
          2. Personalize Language, Keyboard, and Date Formats
      4. 11. Configuring Display and Sound Settings
        1. Setting Up Your Display
          1. Understanding Resolution
          2. Setting Up Multiple Monitors
          3. Make Things Bigger on Your Display
          4. Adjusting Brightness
        2. Setting Up Sound
          1. Setting Up Your Speakers
          2. Managing Sound for Windows Events
      5. 12. Configuring Notifications and Advanced Settings
        1. Managing Notifications You Receive
        2. Ease of Access
        3. Managing Power Options
          1. A Simple Approach to Using Power Plans
          2. Common Options Related to Power
          3. The Manual Method to Manage Power Options
      6. 13. Connecting to Networks and the Internet
        1. Reviewing Important Internet Connection Basics
          1. Learning About Internet Service Providers
          2. Checking the Hardware Required to Connect
        2. Learning the Internet Connection Services Typically Available
          1. Understanding Routers for Internet Connection Sharing
          2. Understanding the Network Adapter
        3. Connecting to the Internet
          1. Connecting to a Wireless Network
          2. Connecting Where Free Wi-Fi Is Advertised
          3. Connecting to Pay-as-You-Go Wi-Fi
          4. Connecting to a LAN/Wired Network
          5. Connecting After Upgrading to Windows 10
          6. Connecting After You Restart Your Device
    14. Part III: Being Productive
      1. 14. Browsing the Web
        1. Introducing Microsoft Edge
          1. Surfing the Web with Cortana
          2. Using Reading View
          3. Making Web Notes
          4. Using the New Tab
        2. Browsing the Web with Microsoft Edge
          1. Entering the URL of a Site You Want to Visit
          2. Searching the Web
          3. Following a Hyperlink
          4. Working with Favorites
          5. Using the Hub Pane
          6. Working with Tabs
        3. Enhancing Your Browsing Experience
          1. Getting to Know Microsoft Edge Settings
        4. Using Internet Explorer
          1. Creating Shortcuts to Websites
          2. Opening All Links in the Desktop Browser
      2. 15. Keeping Up with Your Contacts in the People App
        1. Introducing the People App
        2. Adding Contacts to the People App
        3. Managing Your Contacts
          1. Locating Your Contacts
          2. Modifying or Sharing a Contact
          3. Filtering Contacts
      3. 16. Setting Up the Mail App
        1. Exploring the Mail App
        2. Setting Up Your Email Accounts
          1. Setting Up Your Outlook.com, Google, Yahoo!, iCloud, POP, or IMAP Account
          2. Setting Up Your Exchange or Office 365 Account
          3. Manually Setting Up an Email Account Using Exchange, EAS, POP, or IMAP
        3. Managing Your Email Accounts
          1. Managing Account Settings
          2. Managing Account Options
      4. 17. Using the Mail App
        1. Reading Your Email
          1. Replying to a Message
          2. Filing a Message in a Folder
          3. Deleting a Message
          4. Forwarding a Message
          5. Marking a Message as Unread
        2. Writing an Email Message
          1. Addressing Your Message
          2. Formatting Your Email Message
          3. Attaching a Photo, File, Table, or Hyperlink to Your Message
          4. Checking Spelling in Your Message
        3. Managing Your Inbox
          1. Pinning Accounts to the Start Menu
          2. Flagging Messages
          3. Printing Emails
          4. Future Improvements
      5. 18. Managing Your Calendar
        1. Starting the Calendar App
          1. Controlling the Calendar View
          2. Setting Calendar Colors
        2. Synchronizing with Other Calendars
        3. Adding Events to Your Calendar
          1. Customizing the Calendar View
      6. 19. Sharing Your Windows Computer with Others
        1. Windows 10 Users and Account Basics
        2. Adding a New User
          1. Adding a New User with a Local Account
          2. Adding a New User with a Microsoft Account
        3. Creating a PIN or Picture Password
          1. Adding a PIN to Your Account
          2. Adding a Picture Password to Your Account
        4. Making Changes to User Accounts
          1. Changing a User’s Type
          2. Removing a User Account
        5. Maintaining Security
          1. Windows Hello
          2. Using the Screensaver to Add Security
          3. Two-Step Verification
      7. 20. Sharing Files and Printers
        1. Networking with Homegroup
        2. Using the Windows Homegroup
          1. Creating a Homegroup
          2. Joining a Homegroup
          3. Leaving a Homegroup
          4. Troubleshooting Homegroup Connections
        3. Setting Up Sharing
          1. Disabling Sharing for Specific Files or Folders
          2. Sharing Files and Folders Only with Specific Users
        4. Sharing Your Printer
        5. Seeing Stuff Shared by Others
      8. 21. File and Folder Basics
        1. Files and Folder Basics
          1. Understanding Files
          2. Understanding Folders
        2. Exploring with File Explorer
          1. Working with Quick Access
          2. Working with Libraries
          3. Navigating the Folder Tree
          4. Customizing the Content Pane
          5. Exploring the Preview and Details Pane
          6. Folder Options
      9. 22. Working with OneDrive
        1. Introducing OneDrive
          1. Setting Up OneDrive
          2. Adding Files to Your OneDrive
          3. Managing Your OneDrive Files
          4. Sharing a File on Your OneDrive
        2. Viewing OneDrive Status
        3. Configuring OneDrive Preferences
          1. Sync Settings with OneDrive
          2. Using OneDrive in the Photo App
          3. Using OneDrive with the Music App
        4. Managing Metered Connections Considerations
        5. Troubleshooting OneDrive Issues
    15. Part IV: Having Fun
      1. 23. Working with Photos in Windows
        1. Using the Photos App
          1. Viewing Your Collection
          2. Using Albums
          3. Tweaking the Photos App with Settings
        2. Editing Your Photos
        3. Using the Camera App
          1. Controlling Camera Security
        4. Organizing the Pictures Library
          1. Renaming Your Pictures
      2. 24. Using Your Microsoft Account for Purchases
        1. What Are Xbox Services?
        2. Purchasing with Your Microsoft Account
          1. Managing Your Microsoft Account
      3. 25. Having Fun with Movies and TV Shows
        1. Getting Started with the Movies & TV App
          1. Navigating the Movies & TV App
          2. Adding Your Videos to the Videos Library
        2. Playing Videos in the Movies & TV App
        3. Shopping for Videos
          1. Making a Purchase
          2. Renting a Selection
      4. 26. Enjoying Music
        1. Getting Started with the Groove Music App
          1. Learning What’s Where in the Groove Music App
        2. Adding Music to the Groove Music App
          1. How to Link Your Music
          2. How to Move Your Music
          3. Using Album View
        3. Creating Playlists
        4. Purchasing Music
          1. Using Groove Music Pass
          2. Purchasing Music in the Windows Store
        5. Importing Music and Creating Music CDs
          1. Importing Music from a CD
          2. Creating a Music CD
      5. 27. Having Fun and Playing Games
        1. Gaming with Windows 10
        2. Understanding Xbox Live Services
        3. Using the Xbox App
    16. Part V: Online Bonus Content
      1. Bonus Chapter 1. These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps
        1. Email, Calendar, People
        2. Maps
        3. News
        4. Sports
        5. Food and Dining
        6. Weather
        7. Photographs
        8. Reader
        9. Music, Games, Video
          1. Music
          2. Games
          3. Video
        10. Additional Notable Apps
      2. Bonus Chapter 2. Working with Other Windows Apps
        1. Getting to Know the MSN Apps
          1. The News App
          2. Navigating in the News App
          3. Customizing the News App
          4. The Money App
          5. The Sports App
          6. The Weather App
        2. Using Other Windows 10 Core Apps
          1. Maps
          2. Phone Companion
          3. Reading List
          4. Reader
          5. Calculator
          6. Scan
          7. Paint
          8. Wordpad
          9. Snipping Tool
          10. Alarms
          11. Voice Recorder
      3. Bonus Chapter 3. Advanced File and Folder Management
        1. Navigating Through Your Folders
        2. Selecting Files and Folders
          1. Selecting a Single File at a Time
          2. Selecting Multiple Contiguous Files
          3. Selecting Multiple Noncontiguous Files
        3. Typical Files and Folders Tasks
          1. Copying One or More Files or Folders
          2. Moving One or More Files or Folders
          3. Renaming a File or Folder
          4. Creating a Folder
          5. Deleting a File or Folder
      4. Bonus Chapter 4. Keeping Your Computer Healthy
        1. Understanding Internet Threats and Risks
          1. Web Browsing Risks
          2. Learning About Risky Attachments and Other Email-Related Threats
          3. Learning Phishing Threats
          4. Avoiding Virus Threats
        2. Defending Yourself
          1. Reviewing All-in-One Internet Defense Suites
          2. Defending with Windows Defender
          3. Checking Your Security Status in Security and Maintenance
          4. Using SmartScreen to Avoid Dangerous Websites
          5. Covering Your Internet Tracks
          6. Browsing Quietly and Invisibly with InPrivate Browsing
          7. Using Windows Firewall
        3. Managing All Your IDs and Passwords
      5. Bonus Chapter 5. Resolving Common Problems
        1. Handling Windows Startup Problems
          1. Restarting Windows After a Problem
          2. Password Problems
        2. Using the Troubleshooting Wizards
        3. Using Contact Support
        4. Using Task Manager
        5. Understanding Reset
          1. Getting a Do-Over with Reset
          2. Starting from Scratch with Reset
    17. Index